This post is to bring to the attention of readers three factors which, combined, may give us an indication that the year 2015 may be a very biblically significant year in human history. I’m not making any personal predictions or prophecies that this has to happen, but the convergence of three factors could signal that major biblically prophesied events are about to occur. This post will also mention three fulfillments of biblical prophecies which may be imminent.

Many biblical scholars realize that God does things “by the numbers.” Mathematical sequences and numbers are regularly associated with Divine actions and plans. It is commonly known that the number “seven” is very biblically significant. We have the seven-day week which was established by God in Genesis 1 with six workdays followed by a divinely consecrated Sabbath Day to conclude each week. Two of God’s Holy Days have seven days in their sequences. The Days of Unleavened Bread always have seven days and the Feast of Tabernacles always has seven days as well (Leviticus 23:6 and 34). There are “seven churches” of God’s people pictured in Revelation 1:20-3:22 that depict the condition of the Christian churches in the latter days and these seven churches have seven angels assigned to them (Revelation 1:20). These examples are enough to establish the significance of the number seven as a cycle of time or a number of completeness in God’s eyes.

How could the number “seven” apply to the year 2015? Many readers will recall that when the banking crisis of 2008 unfolded, then-Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson, warned that the collapse of the global banking system could have occurred within hours if radical interventionist measures had not been implemented  to prevent the global banking system from experiencing a systemic collapse. Not only did we have a real estate lending crisis, but the collapse of Lehman Brothers and the near-collapse of other major global money-center banks could have caused a collapse of the global banking system due to counter-party risks in derivatives contracts. Seven years from 2008 brings us to the year 2015. Has the world been given a warning by God that the collapse of the global banking system was going to occur seven years later? There is no denying that severe stresses are present in the global financial system that could cause it to unravel. The US dollar is in such desperate straits that the US Federal Reserve Board has had to create trillions of dollars of “fantasy” money in recent years (called “quantitative easing”) to keep the global, US-dollar system functioning. With China amassing gold and silver and the possibility of regional gold-backed currencies emerging to challenge or replace the US dollar as the global reserve currency and with the US federal deficit utterly out of control, the chance of a systemic global financial crisis is always with us. The warning in many of my posts concerning the fulfillment of Revelation 17-18’s prophecy that there will be a global financial system collapse in the latter days appears to be drawing nearer. If such a collapse occurs, the fulfillment of Revelation 17-18 could occur quickly. Indeed, Revelation 18:10 warns that the global financial system will collapse in “one hour,” leaving the merchants of the earth weeping and mourning. For millennia, people have thought that prophecy was symbolic, but in the modern electronic and globally interconnected financial markets all over the world, a cascading failure could literally cause a global financial collapse in one hour.

Now let’s consider the number “seventy.” I wish to acknowledge that a friend of mine suggested this discussion of the number “seventy” to me in a phone conversation. He noted that the age of the USA dominating the global geopolitical world and being the dominant military power began in 1945 after World War II ended. If we add a seventy-year period of time to 1945, we arrive at the year 2015, a precise conjunction with the significance of a seven-year cycle from 2008-2015. Could this signal that the end of the USA’s dominance of global geopolitics in the world is at hand? With Russia’s Vladimir Putin running rings around US President Obama in Syria, the Ukraine and other locations in the earth, and with Russia holding a whip hand over much of Europe via Russia’s Gazprom energy supplies, Russia is in a period of ascendancy over the USA which is now led by a weak American president who came to office with no demonstrated managerial, administrative or military skills. China is also ascendant in Asia and it is building a massive force with modern weaponry designed to defeat America’s armed forces in a war. China is so confident of its abilities to inflict damage on the US that it seems to be provoking a possible regional war in the South China Sea to test its new military weaponry vs. American/western weaponry. Obama and the West are also on the retreat vis-à-vis Iran as the USA and the West now seem to have surrendered in their effort to prevent Iran from building a nuclear industry which can build nuclear weapons. As if these factors aren’t enough, the defection of Edward Snowden to Russia with a treasure trove of the NSA’s innermost secrets has given Russia’s Putin a powerful position in which he can reveal very damaging secrets about the USA or Obama himself to world leaders behind closed doors, paving the way for a major realignment of alliances in the world. Many factors are pointing to an impending end of America’s global dominance, and some major events could cause this to occur in the year 2015.

The number “seventy” is a number that God has used to indicate a prophetically significant period of time. The  famous”70 weeks prophecy” of Daniel 9:24-27 is well-known to biblical scholars and the fact that the kingdom of Judah would experience a 70 year banishment from the Promised Land is documented in Jeremiah 29:10 and Daniel 9:2 . The clan of Jacob and his family that entered Egypt in the time of Joseph numbered seventy people (Exodus 1:5) and the number of Israel’s tribal leadership allowed to share a meal with God at Mt. Sinai in the time of Moses was seventy people (Exodus 24:1, 9).

The numbers 7 and 70 are strongly associated with major time intervals or specific events in biblical prophecy and narratives. It may not be coincidental that a major 7-year and 70-year time sequence concerning the USA both come to an end in the year 2015. The USA is a biblical “Covenant Nation” descended from the dominant tribe of Joseph of the so-called “lost ten tribes of Israel” which were definitely not “lost” to writers of the 1st century AD. James addresses his epistle to them and acknowledges that they were scattered abroad, not gathered back to the Promised Land as were some of the tribe of Judah (James 1:1). Josephus, the famous Jewish historian of the 1st century AD, wrote that he knew the ten tribes were an immense multitude that were located “beyond Euphrates” in his lifetime (Antiquities, XI, V, 2). That term is significant as the Euphrates River was the established boundary between the empire of Rome and the empire of Parthia (the empire founded by the ten tribes of Israel). Parthia was the Israelite empire which fulfilled Isaiah 14:2’s prophecy that the exiled ten tribes would eventually rule over all the empires to whom they were once captive. Indeed, Parthia’s Israelites ruled over the descendants of the Assyrian, Babylonian and Medo-Persian Empires, which had once ruled over the captive Israelites. My article, The USA in Biblical Prophecy, is recommended to readers as a starting point for seeing the evidence that the USA is a biblical “Covenant Nation” blessed by God with the birthright blessings promised to the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Israel) that were permanently given to the tribe of Joseph throughout history into the latter days (Genesis 48:13-20 and 49:1, 22-26). My books offer conclusive evince about the migrations and whereabouts of the ten tribes of Israel in all periods of time since their exile from the Promised Land circa 721 BC. One of the books is devoted to the history of the Parthian Empire, from which came the famous “Wise Men” mentioned in Matthew 2.

The third factor pointing to a major biblical fulfillment of prophecy in 2015 is the occurrence of a “tetrad” of “blood moons” which begin in the year 2014 and conclude in the year 2015. A “tetrad’ indicates a sequence of four blood moons, which are lunar eclipses when the moon takes on a blood-red color. The special significance of four blood moons in 2014-2015 is that they all occur on God’s biblical Holy Days described in Leviticus 23. Rather than having me explain them, I refer readers to two links for a discussion of this tetrad of blood moons and how they could be biblically significant. Blood moons that have occurred in the past on biblical Holy Days have included (A) the years 1967-68 when the Israelites fought a major war against their Islamic neighbors and captured Jerusalem and (B) when the Jews were driven from Spain in 1492-1493 and during which regular ties to North America from Europe were re-established with the voyage of Columbus in 1492. The first link is an excellent interview on Prophecy in the News with  Pastor Mark Biltz, the individual who popularized the awareness of the four biblical blood moons in his writings and presentations, and the second link is from World Net Daily about possible religious significance of these blood moons to the USA.

Keep in mind, I’m not specifically prophesying or predicting specific outcomes or fulfillments, but the conclusion of the biblical blood moons in 2015 combined with the conclusions of important seven- and seventy-year cycles involving the USA in 2015 may indicate that God is giving us a Divine warning about the imminent fulfillments of major biblical prophecies in the year 2015. We will have to wait and see if this becomes a fact. If major biblical prophetic events do come to pass in 2015, the fall of Babylon the Great’s global monetary/financial system (Revelation 17-18), the unveiling of the new global “beast” system, and the coming of God’s powerful Two Witnesses are all candidates for being the possible biblical prophetic fulfillments which may be implemented in world affairs. The Creator God of the Bible has a timetable for latter-day events that he intends to fulfill and we are progressing deeper into the latter days of our time when major prophetic fulfillments should be expected. In order to review the specific recent and current events which have fulfilled biblical prophecies about the latter days being fulfilled in our modern time, please read my article, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days?

I do know that I will be watching the rest of 2014 and the year 2015 very keenly. I invite you to also carefully watch and observe with me what happens in these years.