As I’m sure all readers know, there have been an abundance of media stories about the Swine Flu (now known as the H1N1 strain of the flu). The government is hastily rushing a vaccine for public usage, but worries are developing that the vaccine may be more deadly than the H1N1 virus itself. Consider the following reports, which the establishment media in the USA is not likely to tell you (although a CBS News story below does report on some of the risks).

Several readers at this website have been sending me reports for days about a US Naval task force which had many of its sailors become very sick soon after receiving their mandatory H1N1 flu shots. There was even a report that the captain of one US Navy ship died from it. Other early reports named the USS Essex task force as one of the naval flotillas whose combat readiness was severely impaired due to bad reactions to the H1N1 vaccines. The first Google link offers a number of media links on this story and you can research them as much as you wish. Some links have radio interviews with family members of sickened sailors saying the US government wasn’t reporting this event. There is one link from CBS-News which confirmed sailors were getting sick on the USS Essex task force, but it didn’t mention the reports that it was the recently-given vaccines which caused the illnesses (see second link). Two of the more alarmist reports are found in the third and fourth links below (both of which were sent to me by readers). The fourth link features a YouTube report.

Keep in mind very little of what you find on the internet is given “under oath” so I cannot vouch for the accuracy of these specific reports. However, I want readers to know about these reports so you can consider for yourself whether you find them credible. Since the fifth link reports that all members of the US Military and their families will be vaccinated with the H1N1 vaccine, this could be a very serious issue. If the navy ships had widespread illnesses due to the swine flu vaccine and large numbers of other military personnel also become ill with reactions to the vaccines, President Obama, the Commander-in Chief responsible for mandatory vaccinations of military personnel, will have a political albatross around his neck very quickly for rushing a vaccine into usage prematurely. We can hope that if the reports of naval personnel becoming sick from the vaccine are true that it was only a “bad batch” of the vaccine, but one never knows.

Now consider the danger to the civilian population as well as to the military personnel and their families. The sixth link includes a FOX News interview with an infectious diseases expert who says that the swine flu is “losing its virulence” over time and symptoms are becoming “more mild” to the point the regular seasonal flu may be more of a threat that swine flu. He also says he would not let his children take the vaccine, and that he was more concerned about the vaccine than the swine flu. He also cited the high level of mercury in the swine flu (H1N1) vaccine as a danger. On the other hand, the FOX News interviewer noted other doctors did not share this particular doctor’s concerns. The seventh link below cites the risks of the mercury in the swine flu vaccine, and especially gives warnings about risks the vaccine poses to pregnant mothers and the unborn.

The eighth link, from CBS-News, reports that the state of New York has made it mandatory that New York health care workers receive the swine flu vaccine. Health care workers in New York are upset about his ruling and are protesting against the state’s ruling. A poll offered by CBS-News at this same link asks readers to vote on whether the swine flu vaccine should be mandatory for health care workers. I checked the results and 96% of respondents were opposed to mandatory vaccines in this CBS-News poll. Given the almost-unanimous opposition of the public to mandatory shots, the Governor of New York (and all other politicians associated with this “mandatory” order) may not want to make plans for staying in their offices past the next election!  I’m sure governors in other states are also noticing the firestorm of protest erupting at New York’s heavy-handed order to make health care workers take a hastily-prepared vaccine. Obviously, if there are widespread illnesses from the vaccine in both the military and civilian populations, the one whose political career will suffer the most is President Obama as it will happen on his watch while he did nothing to stop mandatory vaccines. I recall how silly President Ford looked when he hastily tried to vaccinate the entire US population against a swine flu strain in the 1970s that turned out to be not that big a threat. If I recall correctly, more people died of the vaccine than the strain of the swine flu the vaccine was intended to stop.

The final link reports a US Judge in New Jersey has ordered a halt to mandatory vaccinations and that the government and drug companies can be held responsible for bad reactions to the vaccines. That alone could stop the hasty rush to vaccinate people as the drug companies who manufactured the vaccine could go bankrupt if large numbers of people become sick from the vaccine and they sue those companies. This link also notes the current strain of swine flu has so far proven to be a rather mild form of the flu, so why was there such an inordinately panicky reaction to vaccinate everyone in the first place? Readers can form their own opinions to re: an answer to that question.

I know that Matthew 24:7 prophesies there will be pestilences on the earth in the latter days, but this swine flu strain hardly seems like a fulfillment of this prophecy. However, if the reports about the risks of the vaccine are true, it is possible the vaccine itself could cause a “pestilence.” It would be ironic and tragic if one latter-day “pestilence” on mankind proved to be self-inflicted due to a vaccine. You may want to consider the information in the links below in deciding whether you accept a swine flu vaccination or not. At the very least, be informed of the risks before you take the vaccination.–cpo-sickens-100-sailorsnavy-soldiers-dying-after-swine-flu-injections.aspx