As readers know, the threat of an Israeli-Iranian war has hung like an angry cloud over the global geopolitical landscape for some time. There have been many discussions by various analysts about how the Israelis could launch an effective strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities. This link offers an entirely new alternative for the Israelis to use: exploding an EMP weapon high over Iran’s territory.
Such an attack would be easy for the Israelis to do. They could launch a Jericho missile which would detonate high over Iran, destroying all electric and electronic components within Iran. It would not directly take any Iranian lives. However, it would essentially put Iran into the stone age as the entire nation would have no electric power for anything and its electronic components would be “fried” throughout the nation. It would also cause some collateral damage to Iran’s neighbors as the effects could not be neatly arranged to stop at Iran’s borders. For that reason, Israel could use several Jericho missiles with smaller EMP weapons to limit the damage to the specific areas they want to immobilize. If you cut off all electric power to all of Iran’s above-ground and underground nuclear facilities (which an EMP attack could do), Israel could effectively stop or greatly set back Iran’s nuclear program without spilling any blood.
If this option occurs, Israel could do such an attack without any prior notification to the USA or anyone else. Theoretically, such an attack could also be done by firing cruise missiles from Israeli Dolphin-class submarines equipped with small EMP weapons as a warhead or missiles with EMP warheads could be fired from aircraft.  
If this occurs, do not think Iran would not retaliate. I believe they would retaliate as much as they could. Its a good question if any of Iran’s cruise missiles would work if an EMP blast occurred. Are they “hardened” against an EMP blast? Iran could order Hezbollah to fire its tens of thousands of rockets from Southern Lebanon at Israel and it could also unleash terrorist “sleeper cells” in North America and Europe. This war could widen quickly, but it may also be limited if Russia and China (Iran’s main backers in the Gog-Magog alliance) forbid Iran to take certain actions.
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