My blogs have focused on so many serious topics that I thought it was time to give readers a bit of humor. The video clip is actually a car ad, but it serves as an excellent parody of the “environmentalist wackos” who are trying to gain more and more control of the masses via actions posing as environmental measures. This excellent videoclip shows what could happen if the “green police” ever are empowered to control all of our choices.

This humorous videoclip does have a serious message in it though (even if the makers didn’t intend it to be there). The recent Copenhagen Global Climate Conference considered all kinds of “environmental” rules which they want to impose on the western nations to limit our choices, control our lifestyles and give power to globalist environmental authorities.  The Copenhagen Conference (devoted to “global warming solutions”) was a farce because it took place even as record cold and snowfalls were afflicting not only Copenhagen and Europe, but much of the entire Northern Hemisphere as well. Recent donors have received bonus links with a very “chilling” explanation for this historic cold wave affecting the earth which is too “hot” to put on my general website (forgive my attempt at a little humor of my own in that sentence).

Revelation 13:7 warns that the beast power (when it replaces the current “Babylon the Great” system) will rule “over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations” so it will clearly be a globalist authority. Revelation 13:16-18 warns that this beast power will impose an economic/commercial/financial system which it will use to control people all over the globe. Given its “control freak” mentality, the beast power will surely seek to gain power over the globe via as many other kinds of mechanisms as well. Global warming or “climate change” rules will also likely be imposed on the nations, but their apparently-benign beginnings will surely be intended toward establishing the beast’s control over the world’s people and its resources.

Enjoy the videoclip, but keep Revelation 13:7 in mind as you watch it. Let’s hope the Gestapo-like “green police” do not become a reality. Be sure to watch it to the end so you don’t miss the ending!