As readers know, the coronavirus/COVID-19 pestilence is affecting steadily more nations and governmental responses to it are in the process of shutting down national economies and commerce all over the world. In this post, I’d like to focus on one geopolitical aspect of this plague involving the nations within the EU. The first link notes that the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared that the epicenter of the COVID-19 virus pandemic is now in Europe, and the second link and third link report that the death totals from this virus in Europe are in the process of setting one-day records and that Italy is especially hard-hit as its cases of the COVID-19 virus are setting new daily records for new infections. The casualty and case totals are increasing so rapidly in EU nations that they will likely be outdated by the time you read this post.  As many readers realize, President Trump very early in this pandemic halted airline flights from China to the USA and was condemned for doing so. Trump then also unilaterally halted airline flights from Europe to the USA when it was apparent the COVID-19 virus was spreading rapidly within Europe.

The fourth link details how the EU was very angry that Trump halted airline flights from 26 EU nations to the USA without consulting the EU. Trump halted travel from the EU nations because their Schengen Zone rule allows for unrestricted travel among all the EU nations without border checks. The Schengen agreement rules greatly facilitated the spread of the virus within the EU and Trump saw that–which is why he imposed the ban. Nevertheless, the EU leaders were very upset with him, but what would consultations have accomplished? The virus was spreading rapidly and every day’s delay would mean more infected people would fly into US airports from the EU nations. The ban originally exempted the UK and Ireland but they were added into the ban when it became clear their infected cases were rising as well.

The fifth link reveals a glaring tendency of the globalists to exploit any crisis to expand globalist agendas. It reports that EU leaders saw the coronavirus as a justification to expand global “climate change” laws. Huh? There is no connection between the coronavirus and climate change as nothing about climate change has any role in the origins or spread of the coronavirus around the world. The virus spread globally due to air travel permitting it to spread everywhere very quickly from its point of origin in China, and it is worth observing that the globalists’ practice of relocating numerous supply chains to China and other nations for all kinds of products has jeopardized the entire global economy as extended factory shutdowns in China and other nations have made some goods and products scarce already. The fifth link has a photo of EU leaders; with world-renowned teenage climate change expert Greta Thunberg. As a personal observation, I’ve noticed Thunberg is a ubiquitous presence all over the world on climate change issues. Who is paying her travel bills and does she ever go to school any more?

German Chancellor Merkel initially defended keeping the open-borders Schengen zone travel rules in place in spite of the rising coronavirus crisis, even though she acknowledged that 70% of the German population might get the coronavirus by doing so (sixth link). This is an extraordinary example of the globalists’ agendas and priorities. Merkel, a fierce advocate of the globalist agenda, was willing to put the globalists’ agenda of keeping the Schengen rules in place even if it did cost German (and European) lives! Those who wanted restrictions on the Schengen rules in order to fight the virus were called “far-right” voices; however, the seventh link described the growing pressures to impose border controls to stop the virus.

So what have the EU nations done? Many are acting to close or tighten their national borders in order to slow the spread of the virus and protect their citizens. The eighth link reveals that Hungary is acting to close or tighten border restrictions with many of its neighboring nations, Romania is acting to tighten border controls with Hungary and Slovakia is introducing border controls with its Hungarian border. Austria is shutting its border with Italy unless entrants can prove they have a “clean bill of health,” while Italy shut down its nation internally to stop the virus from spreading further (ninth link). The tenth link reports that Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, and Cyprus were also taking action to seal their national borders to stop the spread of the virus and that Russia was closing its borders with Norway and Poland for the same reason. That link cites globalist leaders as, amazingly, bemoaning the willingness of European nations to suspend the Schengen Agreement to protect their people from the coronavirus. It also cites the Lithuanian Interior Minister as saying the Schengen Agreement was becoming the “greatest danger” causing the spread of the coronavirus in Europe. It also notes that even Germany finally had to act to protect its citizens by closing national borders. The eleventh link details the actions of many European nations to restrict traffic across their borders to slow down the coronavirus, and the twelfth link documents the stringent measures being taken in Spain and Italy to “lockdown” their nations to stop the spread of this virus. The thirteenth link expands on the list of European nations’ actions to clamp down on routes of transmission inside their national borders.

These actions all highlight an important fact. The overriding priority of the EU’s globalist leaders is to discourage individual European nations from acting like nation-states again. That is why they were so loathed to suspend the Schengen agreement because it makes the European nations adhere to the globalist agenda. The coronavirus threat is forcing Europe’s nations to again act like nation-states instead of mere administrative districts of the EU’s unelected bureaucracy. This pandemic is forcing European people to realize that the elected governments of nation-states are far more able and willing to protect them than the remote EU bureaucrats in Brussels. Depending on how long this pandemic crisis lasts, the EU may become one of its casualties.

This may all have a biblical prophetic significance. It certainly does fulfill the prophecy in Matthew 24:7-8 that “pestilences,” along with wars, famines, and earthquakes will usher in a prophetic time called “the beginning of sorrows” when the Bible’s latter-day prophetic sequence of events will increasingly be implemented. More prophecies may be about to be fulfilled. The national governments and central banks of many nations are taking unprecedented actions to try to prevent an inevitable global recession from becoming a global depression or a collapse of the global monetary/financial system. The US Federal Reserve Board dropped its interest rate by an entire point to bring it almost to zero and announced a program to buy an immense amount of US Treasury debt instruments (some reports that they will purchase at least $500,000,000,000 of US government debt) to enable the government to fight the coronavirus and save the domestic economy. Do you grasp what this acknowledges? It means that there is little demand for US Treasury debt among investors and that the Fed will now become the “buyer of last resort” to hold things together. Will the Fed and other global central banks be able to create enough money to accomplish these purposes? I do not claim to know, but we should all realize the coronavirus pandemic threatens not only the health of the world’s population but the survival of the global economy and monetary system.

At some point, Revelation 17-18 prophesy that there will be a sudden collapse of the world’s financial/monetary system and that the crisis will create circumstances enabling a cryptic group called “the seven heads and ten horns” to put into place a new global system called the “beast” in various biblical prophecies. Will the coronavirus cause this global crisis? I don’t claim to know, but I will be joining others in watching these events very carefully to see how this global crisis progresses. For in-depth information about what Revelation 17-18 and other biblical prophecies foretell about the prophesied world financial collapse to occur near the end of the latter days of this modern age, please read my articles: Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days?, Is Babylon the Great about to Fall…Ushering in a New Beast System?, and The Babylonian Origin of the Modern Banking System.