Several readers have brought to my attention a speech by British Lord Monckton given at Bethel College in St. Paul, Minnesota (a college campus I have visited). The first link below is a Washington Times article discussing Lord Monckton’s speech and the issues he addressed, and the second link is a short video clip of the pertinent portion of Lord Monckton’s speech. This is a very serious issue and all Americans who care about the sovereignty of their nation need to heed Lord Monckton’s warning.

The Washington Times notes that Lord Monckton was a “major policy advisor to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher,” so he is not a novice in international politics. He understands major policy issues, and he is warning Americans that the impending global environmental  “Copenhagen Treaty” is a direct threat to American Constitutional sovereignty. I think he is right.

As described in the first link, the Copenhagen Treaty (a successor to the Kyoto Treaty passed years ago) uses a “cap and trade” carbon emissions tax to enable “a massive transfer of wealth from the developed world to the developing world.” It uses this ploy to try and achieve its main (leftist) goal: “the destruction of democratic capitalism and national sovereignty.” Lord Monckton documents that the draft Copenhagen Treaty “calls for a U.N.-created ‘government’ responsible for taxation, enforcement and redistribution” which could “levy global taxes.” If the U.N. is given the right to take over the USA’s internal environmental powers and tax the U.S. citizenry, the Washington Times article warns that the USA “would sign its death warrant as a functioning democracy, enabling the U.N. to administer a fledgling world government.”

The good news, dear readers, is that this monstrous threat to U.S. sovereignty can be stopped. The first link notes that this treaty needs 67 votes to pass the U.S. Senate in order to be ratified. That is a high hurdle! President Obama is likely to sign this global treaty monstrosity, but that does not bind the USA to observe the treaty. If the U.S. Senate does not ratify the treaty, it is not binding on the USA. The Kyoto Accords were signed by then-President Clinton (if I recall correctly), but the U.S. Senate voted it down by a 97-0 vote. Many senators realize it will be the “death knell” of their political careers if they vote for this “world government” treaty that will be finalized in Copenhagen. However, all the senators in each state need to hear from their constituents that they must oppose the Copenhagen Treaty when it is brought to the Senate for a ratification vote. Whatever state you live in (if you live in America), you need to contact your state’s senators to give them that very direct message. They will remember that it was political poison to vote for the Kyoto Accords, so a majority of them will likely oppose this treaty’s ratification if enough voters contact them.

There is an even more sinister agenda by the globalists, I believe. If they can dupe the U.S. Senate into approving a treaty that permits a global government to take over the USA’s environmental policies, control its industrial base and impose global taxes on American citizens, I believe it will only be a matter of time until they broaden that global government to take over ever-more of the USA’s domestic policies. They can circumvent (and nullify) U.S. Constitutional rights via the treaty process (as Lord Monckton affirms). If this Copenhagen Treaty is ratified by the U.S. Senate, it will only be a matter of time until the globalists attempt to use the treaty process to confiscate firearms in the hands of Americans, allow unlimited immigration of outsiders into the USA, etc. Americans could become serfs in the very land which God gave to their forefathers. Deuteronomy 28 lists the prophesied national blessings and cursings that would befall the “covenant” nations descended from the twelve tribes of Israel. Those who have read the article at my homepage entitled “The USA in Bible Prophecy” have seen the abundant evidence that the USA is one of those nations.

One of the curses that God pronounced on the Israelite nations for disobedience is found in Deuteronomy 28:43. This curse was that if the Israelites’ descendants disobeyed God long enough, the “stranger that is within you shall get up above you very high; and you shall come down very low.” In other words, they would lose God’s blessings and foreigners would end up ruling over their descendants in the very land God gave them. Does that sound like the trends that are happening today? China is already gaining ever-more power over U.S. financial and monetary actions due to their position as the USA’s “lender” (Proverbs 22:7). The U.N. is now making a power-grab to take over US environmental and industrial policies and impose taxes on U.S. citizens via the Copenhagen Treaty. This process of subjecting Americans to foreigners is already underway.

We know global government of some kind is coming at the end of our age (Revelation 13:1-7). However, how soon this global government comes into power and how much power it actually will exercise is in the hands of God. Paul wrote in I Timothy 2:2 that we should pray for those in positions of power so that “we may lead a quiet and peaceable life…” God doesn’t change (Malachi 3:6 ) so there is no reason we can’t pray that same prayer today. You can be an intercessor with God to move him to prevent such evils from happening to our nation, applying the prayer points made in my previous blog.

We can pray that God will limit the powers of this coming global government, but we can also take personal action.  If you would like to help stop this globalist seizure of power over the USA, you should contact your senators and strongly tell them that you expect them to oppose the Copenhagen Treaty. In other words, while we pray that our senators will “see the light,” we also need to politically make them “feel the heat.”

Please feel free to forward this to your friends in order to warn them about this possible impending loss of the USA’s Constitutional sovereignty. If enough Americans call their senators to oppose the Copenhagen Treaty, this battle can be won!

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