The endless Brexit chaos and delays have been painful for external observers to watch. Theresa May’s government in London seems determined to force the EU’s harsh terms on the United Kingdom, and she has been unwilling to be an advocate for the British nation in negotiations with the EU. The EU, for its part, is determined to either force the British people to either renege on their Brexit referendum results or submit to an exceedingly harsh treaty with the EU which will leave the UK more submissive to the EU than it was prior to the Brexit vote. It has amazed me as I watch the Brexit soap opera that there have been no serious negotiations about the Brexit departure of the UK from the EU. The EU set forth a very harsh treaty demand that would make the UK largely submissive to the EU’s bureaucrats while having no vote in the making of any future EU rules. Teresa May has been a loyal globalist, carrying the demands of the EU to the British Parliament which has voted the EU’s demands down three times already. Not once has Teresa May crafted a deal proposal which represents the UK’s interests and presented them to the EU for an honest negotiation process to occur. May has been little more than an errand-girl for the EU’s harsh demands. She apparently will keep offering the same harsh deal to the House of Commons until it votes to accept it. Since that body refused to accept this harsh deal within the time deadline set forth in the EU’s own law, the EU and May keep making new extensions to give more time to the House of Commons to agree to the harsh deal or reverse Brexit altogether.

I’ve never understood the extremist language that Britain could “crash out” of the EU without a deal and that this would result in “chaos.” A no-deal Brexit is essentially what the British voters approved in their national referendum. Why would there be chaos if the UK departs without a deal? If it left without a deal, its customs and commerce rules would be exactly the same as the EU’s on the first day of its departure as it was on the last day of its membership. With all rules still synchronized with the EU, why wouldn’t all commerce carry on without any problem? When the UK revisits the rules and changes some of them, the UK and the EU could then negotiate about how to coordinate such changes on a case-by-case basis. The UK would again be a sovereign nation and would again be in control of its borders, laws, courts, etc. The first link correctly notes that the EU, which began as a commerce and trade entity, has morphed into a self-proclaimed European government which wants to take control of all the nations of Europe and divest the European nations of their distinctive national identities.

The British nation was supposed to, according to EU law, leave the EU on March 29th. However, when it was clear the British Parliament would not agree to the capitulation document that the EU had prepared for them to sign, the EU coordinated with their errand-girl, Teresa May, to have an approximately two-week delay to allow the House of Commons another chance to surrender to the EU via the “deal” May had presented to them. The House of Commons again refused to vote for it, so the EU and May arranged to have a long delay until October 31st before the UK will leave the EU. I note that the new date selected is Halloween, the high occultist day of the calendar. Readers may draw their own conclusions whether this is coincidental or intentional. The EU and May no doubt actually hope the long delay would allow for their agents in the UK to call for either a second referendum or a new national parliamentary election. They may yet rue the day they made that decision.

Nigel Farage, the founder of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) and arguably the chief advocate for the original Brexit vote, had resigned in apparent frustration at the UKIP party’s direction and out of frustration with the subverted Brexit process. He had been quiet for a time, but in early 2019, founded a new British political party called the Brexit Party. After getting organized, Farage’s party began to be included in national opinion polls in the UK. The first such poll showed him pulling 15% of the vote, and a sage columnist suggested that he would soon rise further in the polls as awareness of his new party spread throughout the electorate (second link). A second poll had him at 22% of the vote and the most recent third poll has his new party in a commanding lead in the national polls. His Brexit party was the favorite of 27% of the electorate, the Labour party was second with 22% and Teresa May’s Conservative party polled far behind with a mere 15% in third place. Other parties had slices of the rest of the vote. This must have sent shock waves throughout the EU and at Westminster. The polling is focused at the outcome in the pending European Parliament vote–in which the UK shouldn’t even be participating as it should have left the EU on March 29th. One wonders how high Farage’s party will go in future polls, but its rise so far has been meteoric. His party’s top position in the polls must be very scary news to the establishment, Conservative and Labour parties, in the UK. They are used to dominating British elections but may lose the upcoming national elections for the European Parliament. The Conservative party needs to be especially shaken because their poor third-place showing in the polls means their voter base is deserting them and embracing Farage due to the Brexit issue. This reality may stiffen the spines of some Tory MPs into opposing the EU/May surrender deal in order to try and hang on to their voter base. The Labour party will also notice that they are suddenly trailing a new-born party which is essentially pledged to a No-Deal Brexit. Please read the second through fourth links for results of the recent British polls. One observes that if these numbers hold, the Conservative party will have its worse showing in a nation-wide election since 1834. The British voters seem poised to hand the Conservative party a tremendous rebuke for supporting May and her asinine Brexit “deal.” May is so unpopular her government may fall and new British parliamentary elections may be held. One of the links notes that the British voters are utterly sick of the British government’s handling of the Brexit process, disapproving the entire government’s performance by an 84-11% margin! This poll means that Farage is plowing for votes in the extremely fertile electoral ground. Based on current national polls, the British electorate may give a victory to the Brexit party in the next national parliamentary election. This would likely result in Nigel Farage forming the next British government with himself as Prime Minister.  Would this outcome ever shock the globalist elites who control the EU and the May government! This is a possibility at this point, not at all a certainty, but this bears close watching. Farage would need to form a coalition between his Brexit party, the remaining Conservatives and the UKIP party to form a government if his Brexit party does win the next parliamentary election.

The above does have a specific biblical connection. Readers of my blog realize that the so-called “lost” ten tribes of Israel were never really lost. Unlike their Jewish brother tribe of Judah, the ten tribes never permanently re-settled the Promised Land but migrated to a wide number of nations when their kingdom of Israel fell to the Assyrians. Daniel 9:4-7 acknowledged that the house of “Israel” [the non-Jewish ten tribes], were widely scattered into many nations so they were obviously not all in Assyrian captivity. The Bible only mentions a minority of the tribes went into captivity. The 1st century AD Jewish writer, Josephus, stated the descendants of the ten tribes were then living “beyond the Euphrates.” This is a key observation, as the Euphrates River was then the recognized international border between the mighty Roman and Parthian Empires. The Parthians were, in fact, the descendants of the captive Israelites who had eventually overthrown all the empires that had held them in captivity (Babylon, Assyria, Persia and the Seleucid Greeks), and were then ruling over all of them instead. This is exactly what Isaiah 14:2 prophesied would occur. Other scattered groups of Israelites fled via the immense Phoenician fleets to other locations in the Mediterranean and Atlantic regions, founding the colony of Carthage and infusing refugees into Iberia (Spain), Celtic Briton, and Celtic Europe. The main body of escaping Israelites migrated through Armenia to the Black Sea region, overthrowing the kingdom of Urartu and founding the Scythian empire of confederated tribes (this migration is referenced in II Esdras 13:39-46). The Scythians helped crush the Assyrian Empire and twice destroyed Persian armies that invaded their lands.

Genesis 21:12 prophesied that the birthright descendants of Abraham would bear the name of Isaac upon them. The Parthian/Scythian peoples were called Saka by the Persians, Sacae by the Greeks and Saxons by the Romans. It was the Parthian Israelites who produced the Wise Men/Magi who visited the Christ-Child in Matthew 2. The Parthian Empire was overthrown by the Persians circa 227 AD, causing the Parthians to migrate en masse through the Caucasus Mountains and through the Scythian regions by the Black Sea (the Romans called the Scythians “Goths”) on their way to Europe–where they founded the population base of many modern European nations. Genesis 48-49 offer prophecies about all the tribes of Israel in the latter days (49:1), and the tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh (descended from Joseph) received the “birthright” blessings which conveyed to them the best inheritance of resources, land, population, strategic locations, victories in war, etc. above all other nations on earth. Genesis 48:14-20 foretold that these two brother tribes would “grow together” into a multitude and that Ephraim would become a grouping or multitude of nations while Manasseh would become one single great nation. What nations today have the word “Saxon” in their heritage and are brother nations with a common language and culture where one of them is a single great nation and the other is a group of nations? The obvious answer is the USA was founded as Manasseh and Great Britain was founded as Ephraim-which came to include Canada, Australia, and New Zealand in their prophesied group of nations. Genesis 49:22-26 is a specific prophecy about these nations in the latter days–our modern times. Verses 23-24 states they will have enemies who attack and hate them, but that God will strengthen them against their attackers and enemies. I have traditionally regarded this prophecy in a military application: that the USA-UK alliance would win World Wars I and II as well as the age-ending, prophesied war between the Gog-Magog alliance (Russia, China, Iran, etc.) and the global alliance headed by the modern ten tribes of Israel–which is NATO and the global Western alliance.

Now let’s get back to the current British (and American) political situation. The prophecy in Genesis 49:23-24 could also apply to God intervening to help modern Ephraim and Manasseh to win against their political enemies who hate them and want to steal their divinely-given birthright blessings from them. The atheistic globalist elites (the “Deep State”) had put their well-hidden insiders into the US presidency for some time but were stunningly upended when Donald Trump was elected president instead of the globalist candidate–Hillary Clinton. They have been furiously trying to reverse the result of that election, but have been unsuccessful. The British voted to Leave in the Brexit vote–shocking the globalist Deep State that controls the EU. The Deep State insiders in the EU and the UK have been doing all they can to use subterfuge to reverse that Brexit vote. The failure of the EU-May “deal” in the House of Commons has so far thwarted the Deep State, but the outcome is still in doubt. If God is helping the modern nations of Manasseh and Ephraim to break free of the Deep State’s control, Trump and his administration will stay in power and the British may break free from the EU’s, noose, after all. The stellar performance of the Brexit party in recent British polls means a political earthquake in the UK may be brewing. This bears watching to see if a divine hand is at work in these events. Personally, I think Nigel Farage would make a great Prime Minister.

Readers of my books already have seen the comprehensive evidence contained in my books that proves the ten tribes of Israel are present in the modern Western nations, and they know which nations represent which tribe of Israel. They also know the entire history of the Israelite tribes throughout history from the calling of the patriarch, Abraham, to the current time. The Israelite tribes founded the empires of Carthage, Parthia, Scythia, and many other kingdoms. I urge you to obtain these books on the homepage of my website. They are entitled, The Origins and Empire of Ancient Israel, Israel’s Lost Empires, Parthia–The Forgotten Ancient Superpower and Israel’s Tribes Today, as well as my E-book, The “Lost” Ten Tribes of Israel…Found, which contains much of the information of the 4-book set in a single E-book. I also urge you to read my free articles, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days?, The USA in Bible Prophecy and What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveal about a Future World War III. If you do, you will understand the divinely-ordained prophecies which govern mankind’s events as well as the divinely-ordained “script” which is being fulfilled in the modern world. Those who do not understand the divinely-ordained script for our latter days will remain blind to what is really happening in our modern world and the major events that lay ahead of us.