The link below reports that a majority of the American people no longer support the Afghan War which Obama is ramping up with more deployments of soldiers and increasing casualties. In a particularly grim piece of news for Obama, 70% of his own Democratic Party no longer supports this war.

Obama campaigned as a “peace candidate” against Bush’s record of Asian wars; however, Obama is building up the Afghan War into a major commitment of troops for the USA. Has anyone asked “why” this war is continuing? The USA has no treaty obligation to be in Afghanistan. It has no vital or strategic interest in being there any longer. It made sense for the USA to attack the Al Queda training camps in Afghanistan but they were eliminated years ago. Now the US military is bogged down fighting a war in a desolate region of Central Asia with no real goal in mind. We are told it will take years to fight this war. Obama’s Afghan War is looking more and more like LBJ’s “Vietnam” War.

Obama’s decision to ramp up the Afghan War reveals his lack of military experience or knowledge. The US forces deployed into Afghanistan have no secure line of supply and no reliable means of retreat (at least Bush’s war in Iraq had both). US forces in Afghanistan are surrounded by hostile nations or nations that are part of Russia’s “near abroad” who will do what Russia says. The USA is now dependent on Russia’s permission to bring air supplies into Afghanistan and on Pakistan’s permission to transport ground supplies into Afghanistan. Both these routes are tenuous at best. A previous blog noted the Taliban is already attacking US supply columns passing through Pakistan, and regions of Pakistan are barely under the control of their central government. If large portions of Pakistan slide into the Taliban’s control, the US forces in Afghanistan will have no way to retreat from Central Asia and will have to fight their way to the Indian Ocean where the US Navy’s carriers can cover them. There is another huge reason why this Afghan War is a very bad idea for America. Our nation is sinking into insolvency with trillions of dollars in bailouts, a deep recession, etc. We cannot afford the hundreds of billions of dollars needed to fight his seemingly-endless war to an inconclusive end years in the future. This war is also wearing out the US military and our war material at a time when US ground forces are already worn out from too many deployments in Iraq.

Who wins in this situation? Russia, China and Iran do. The longer this war goes on, the sooner the USA could slip into insolvency and the US military is being even further wore out. On the other hand, Russia, China and Iran are building their military forces and they are well-rested. Ezekiel 38-39 prophesy that in the latter days of our age, Russia, China, Iran and their allies will launch a deadly (and surprise) attack upon the homelands of the USA, Europe and their allies (called “Israel” in Ezekiel 38 because our nations have descended from the once-exiled ten tribes of Israel. [For more evidence of that fact, please listen to the audio messages at this website or read the articles on this subject at the articles link. For specific information about the USA’s role in prophecy, please read my article at the homepage entitled “The USA in Bible Prophecy” or listen to the short audio message with the same title.] The USA is committing ever-more of its military forces into far-distant places where they cannot possibly assist in defending the US homeland when it is eventually attacked at some point in the future. War-planners in the Kremlin, Beijing and Tehran are most pleased at Obama’s sending of more US forces further away from the US homeland for longer periods of time. Obama and his war planners have not based their policies on the Bible so they don’t understand the growing danger that is facing America. They will wish they had understood (and heeded) the Bible at some point in the future!