Two stories have come to my attention that indicate that the 50 American states may start asserting their 10th Amendment rights in the US Constitution instead of acting like wards of the federal government. The first link, from MSNBC, reports that Governor Perry of Texas, fed up with delays and unresponsiveness from the federal government, has decided to send teams of Texas Rangers to the US-Mexican border to secure the Texas border with Mexico. Governor Perry stated that he was taking this action to “put boots on the ground” where violence and crime from Mexican drug gangs in spilling across the border into Texas. He’s also sending Texas Rangers to border areas where “farmers and ranchers have complained of being overrun by smugglers and gangs.”  Texas reportedly will spend $110 million to secure its own border with Mexico. I say “three cheers for Texas!’

Texas is a classic, conservative “red state,” but the GOP governor of a mostly Democrat-dominated “blue state” is also getting fed up with the federal government. In a story today in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Governor Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota “is raising the prospect of blocking national health care reform in Minnesota by possibly invoking the US Constitution’s 10th Amendment on state’s rights.” The headline of the story (see second link) also suggests that other states may opt out as well using the same Constitutional authority given to the states.

These kinds of actions indicate that the American state governments are becoming so upset with the policies and profligacy coming out of Washington, DC that they may increasingly “take care of their own interests” without the involvement or approval of the federal government. The states are receiving encouragement to take independent action by a growing groundswell of public opinion turning against the very leftist policies of the Obama administration. The third link below, reports that up to 2 million people (!) came to rallies in Washington, DC and other locations across America today to protest the policies of the Obama administration. Take a look at the photos in the third link and scroll to the bottom to watch the video of this large crowd. Millions of American people are rising in political revolt against the radicalism of President Obama and his rubber-stamp sycophants in the Democrat Congress. Many media reports have noted that Democrats in Congress, particularly the somewhat-moderate “Blue Dogs,” are becoming reluctant to vote for Obama’s bills because they see their re-election chances going up in smoke if they vote for Obama’s bills. I’ve also seen polls that a majority of American voters now oppose Obama’s policies on both health care “reform,” and the Afghanistan War. Some polls show Obama’s overall approval rating has dropped from initial high levels to only about 50%.

The American public and more American states are growing more disgusted with the federal government. Previous blogs have discussed the prophecy about Babylon the Great’s overthrow in the latter days (Revelation 17-18) from economic/monetary viewpoints. However, it needs to be realized that Babylon the Great is a political system as well as an economic system. Revelation 18:3 reminds us that the political leaders of the modern world are as much a part of Babylon the Great’s system as are the multinational corporations, central banks, etc. It is logical that for Babylon the Great’s system to take a very hard fall in the latter days (Revelation 17:9-16), its political system must fall along with its economic/commercial/monetary system. The American states do have the Consitutional power to impose major restraints and changes on the federal government if they assert the states’ rights provision in the 10th Amendment. Maybe this is beginning to happen.

This is all good news, but a word of warning needs to be given to Christians and believers everywhere. Revelation 17 foretells that the final, global “beast” system will rise to replace the current system of Babylon the Great. Jesus Christ/Yahshua warned in Mathew 24:24 that at the close of this age, the global deceptions will be so clever that “if it were possible, [it] shall deceive the very elect.” This means the final “beast” system will have to have many features which Christians will find very attractive in order for so many believers to fall for this deception. Keep this warning in mind before giving your allegiance and loyalty to whatever new global system replaces the current one when it falls.