There has been a smoldering and very divisive issue inside the EU regarding the willingness or unwillingness of its member nations to accept the “diktats” of EU bureaucrats regarding how many Islamic immigrants they must accept. The British Brexit is getting all the publicity regarding a major nation leaving the EU, but there are other EU nations which may also be leaving the EU along with the British.

The first link reports that the Polish government was “furious” when the EU President, Donald Tusk (a Pole), was re-elected. President Tusk is an enemy of the ruling party inside Poland, and Poland wants no part of an EU led by Donald Tusk. It is likely that EU President Tusk is equally determined to bring Poland “in line,” so a major confrontation is in the offing. While the other EU nations agreed to support Tusk’s reelection as EU President, several other EU nations are as adamantly against EU migration policies as is Poland. A major divide is developing inside Europe at present. The second link reports that the EU bureaucracy is ordering Poland and Hungary to either accept the number of Islamic migrants or leave the EU (did you see that in any other media outlets?). If that is the choice, it is likely that Poland and Hungary will choose to leave the EU. As a recent post noted, Hungary has invested a lot of money to build a secure border fence to keep Islamic immigrants out of Hungary. Hungary is most unlikely to tear down that fence or let itself be permeated with whatever number of Islamic immigrants the EU bureaucracy wants to send to it.

If Poland and Hungary leave the EU or are expelled from the EU, they are not likely to go alone. The third link reports that the Czech Republic and Slovakia are prepared to join the resistance of Poland and Hungary to accepting any more Islamic immigrants at the behest of unelected EU bureaucrats. The fourth link adds that these four nations have issued a joint statement that they “will never accept blackmail and diktat (emphasis added)” regarding EU immigration policies. That link also reports that Austria also wants out of the EU’s Islamic immigrant distribution plan, which brings the number of nations close to an open breach with the EU re: immigration policies to five.

It is my view that the EU bureaucrats do not appreciate or grasp the role of recent history in the resistance of the four central and eastern European nations to arbitrary rules and orders issued by unelected bureaucrats in the EU. All four of the nations most opposed to the EU’s immigration plans (Hungary, Poland, The Czech Republic and Slovakia) were first under the boot of Nazi Germany during World War II and then under the boot of oppressive Soviet bureaucracies during the Cold War from 1945 until 1990. They are in no mood to start taking orders from and being governed by arbitrary “diktats” from a new oppressive EU bureaucracy in Brussels. These nations value their new independence and freedom to govern themselves, and the EU is now the newest threat to their sovereignties. Students of history should also realize that historical ties between Great Britain and Poland run deep. Just before World War II broke out, Polish code-breakers already had a good head-start on breaking the Nazi’s Enigma code and they gave their vital information to the British code-breakers to help solve the Enigma puzzle (fifth link and sixth link). Poland located its government-in-exile during World War II in Britain and many Polish pilots fought the Nazis inside British warplanes during the Battle of Britain. Great Britain declared war on Germany as soon as Poland was invaded by the Nazis. These close British-Polish are often forgotten by those outside Europe. If the choice for Poland becomes allying itself with the British outside the EU or submitting to a new tyranny at the hands of EU bureaucrats, the Polish are likely to choose the former option. If a nation as large as Poland joins the British exodus from the EU, it is likely the other nations named above will join that exodus.

If such a large number of nations join the British in leaving the EU, think what that will do to the stability or even the survivability of the Euro currency as it is now constituted. The EU political entity and the Euro currency are both large cogs in the global (and globalist) financial/political system. If they begin to disintegrate, it could precipitate a crisis that could unravel the global political/economic system–just as is prophesied to occur in the biblical prophecy in Revelation 17-18. I’m not predicting that events will unfold in this manner, but I want readers to be mindful that there are many possible triggers that could cause the prophecy of Revelation 17-18 to suddenly be fulfilled (as I’ve noted in previous posts). Divisive traumas inside the EU are steadily growing in intensity so this trend must be watched closely. For more information on the above-mentioned biblical prophecy, please read my article, Will Babylon The Great Fall…Ushering in a New Beast System?