As many readers realize, the Obama administration and the current U.S. Congress recently cancelled the F-22 fighter jet program. The F-22 jet fighter was dubbed a “fifth generation” fighter and was the most advanced fighter jet in the world. It was already in production when it was cancelled so the U.S. Air Force will have 187 F-22s in its inventory. Obama and the Congress decided to buy more of the less-expensive and less-capable F-35 fighter planes instead.

As the first link reports, one justification for Obama’s decision to cancel the F-22 was that China would not have a warplane comparable to the F-22 until 2020. However, the link now reports that “A Chinese general is boasting that [China’s] Air Force will soon fly a new advanced fighter that U.S. intelligence projections had said would not be ready for ten years” (emphasis added). If China is admitting that its new fifth-generation warplane will be ready “soon,” what does that mean? Will it be deployed in 2017, as the link opines, or will it be ready much earlier? Indeed, China has “secret” underground production facilities into which U.S. reconnaissance satellites cannot peer. How do we know that China isn’t already starting to build fifth-generation fighters in their secret facilities? Once China starts building its fifth generation fighters, you can be quite sure that China will not stop with a mere 187 fighters to achieve parity with the USA. China will eventually have a lot more fifth-generation fighters than the USA will have if the USA builds only 187 F-22s. The second link offers many details about the F-22 fighter.

The F-22 program, however, may not be dead yet. The third link reports that Persian Gulf nations and Israel may be willing to purchase F-22s for their Air Forces. If they do, it will keep the F-22 production line open for possible additional American purchases in the future. It would be most incongruous if other nations purchase copies of the best American warplane available, but the USA isn’t even buying more of its own most-advanced fighter jet. The situation reminds of when President Carter cancelled the B-1 bomber program during his benighted presidency, and President Reagan revived the B-1 program when he became President and rebuilt America’s military. President Carter was an ineffective and weak president who was removed from office after one term. Maybe a future American president will revive the F-22 warplane program for the USA if Obama is, like Carter, defeated after one term.

The F-22 program was cancelled because it was deemed too expensive by the Obama administration. The F-22 program would have cost billions of dollars per year. However, even though Obama and his staff couldn’t find billions of dollars in the federal budget for F-22s, they had no difficulty finding trillions of dollars for bailouts for reckless but politically well-connected Wall Street banks and financial establishments! Just the billions given as bonuses to Wall Street executives would have been abundantly sufficient to keep making more F-22s for the U.S. Air Force.

Ezekiel 38 prophesies that at the very end of this age, Russia, China, Iran and their allies will launch a global attack against the modern nations of the house of “Israel” (the USA, UK, many European and NATO nations) and their allies. When that attack comes, American leaders will wish they had a lot more F-22s to defend the USA. What good will it do to throw piles of useless derivative contracts at the invaders? Self-delusions guide public policy decisions in the modern western nations, just as II Thessalonians 2:11 prophesied would occur in the latter days.