It may come as a surprise to you that the US government has purchased 500 million “vaccine injection devices” to administer vaccinations to Americans when a vaccine becomes available to combat the current coronavirus pandemic. These devices will be “prefilled syringes” that can also be pre-loaded with RFID tracking devices so each person administered a vaccination can have their very own personal “tracker” injected into their bodies (first link). The special RFID-equippable syringes are being purchased by the Department of Defense and the Health and Human Services Department so this program is intended for both military and civilian populations. Doesn’t this make you feel all warm and secure inside? The government is so concerned for you that it wants to be able to track you on a 24/7 basis wherever you go, apparently for the rest of your life. And they intend to use a vaccination to implement this cradle-to-grave surveillance system.

Many health experts have told us that any “safe and effective” vaccine for this coronavirus is at least one to one and half years away due to the need for essential human testing to make sure it really is “safe and effective.” That the government is already purchasing so many RFID-equippable vaccine syringes long before a vaccine is ready confirms they want to inject the entire American population with tracking devices. Did Congress approve this?

This government vaccination/surveillance program in the making has created a firestorm of objections–especially from President Trump’s own Republican/Christian/Conservative base. The second link is an example of how intense the opposition to this new surveillance program is among many on the right side of the political spectrum. The link states that vaccinations have included such dangerous substances as Thimerosal  (which contains mercury, a known neuro-toxin) and even “aborted human fetal cells.” That last item will surely lose Trump the support of the pro-Life movement if aborted human cells are included in a future coronavirus vaccine. Indeed, even the possibility that such a thing could occur will motivate tens of millions of pro-Life Americans to avoid any new coronavirus vaccine. You can read for yourself how the second link has a very dim view of Dr. Anthony Fauci, and it warns about America becoming a “Big Pharma medical police state” if a new coronavirus vaccination program is forced on the American populace. Faced with such a backlash against this program, Trump is reportedly backing off making this eventual vaccination (and presumably, its injectable surveillance “trackers”) mandatory.

No one questions we need a treatment for the coronavirus, but a vaccination program can’t be implemented nationally when it is so new that it is still “experimental” in nature. The third link offers evidence that the number of Covid-19 deaths is being overstated, especially in the USA. It notes that some jurisdictions are counting deaths as caused by Covid-19 even if they are actually deaths from suicides or automobile accidents, and that some deaths are double-counted. It indicates that other nations have different counting standards. It cites Dr. Deborah Birx, a fixture at many White House briefings until recently, as stating “if someone dies with COVID-19, we are counting that as a COVID-19 death” (emphasis added). Obviously, COVID-19 deaths should be counted as such only if that is the actual cause of death, not if someone dies of something else while COVID-19 is merely present in one’s body. These facts cause the death tolls being reported from COVID-10 to be suspect.

Did you realize that the US National Institute for Allergies and Infectious Diseases,” led by Dr. Fauci, gave $3.7 million to a virology lab in Wuhan, China to research coronaviruses and to develop “gain of function…coronaviruses?” (fourth link). “Gain of function” is scientific language for making a virus more dangerous than it ordinarily is. Dare we say that the funding was to develop a “weaponized coronavirus?” Lo and behold, a new coronavirus exhibiting “gain of function” characteristics later originates in Wuhan, China and the Communist Chinese authorities initially suppress the real dangers of the virus and allow it to spread all over the world via commercial airliners. Was this all a big coincidence or was the pandemic a planned event to promote a globalist people-control agenda? I think it is time to address some serious national-security questions to Dr. Fauci.

One final point about vaccines. It has almost been forgotten that vaccines can be very dangerous, especially if they are rushed prematurely into the marketplace. In the early part of the 20th century, polio was a very feared disease. The first vaccination trials of a new polio vaccine developed and used in 1955 was a disaster. 200,000 children were vaccinated in the first phase of its use and 40,000 developed the polio disease from the vaccine (!) with 200 being afflicted with paralysis issues and ten children dying from the vaccine. The fifth link details this nearly-forgotten fact about how a vaccine can go wrong.

Now back to the topic of this post’s title. If a vaccine is quickly rushed to the marketplace, and the governmental and scientific communities urge everyone to get the vaccine quickly “to fight COVID-19,” will you permit a new essentially experimental vaccine to be injected into your body? Will you even be told whether the vaccine contains a “tracking device” that will enable government surveillance agencies to track your every movement from now on? In ordering more than enough “prefilled syringes” to vaccinate every American, some powers in the government clearly intended to vaccinate everyone with a new RFID nano-technology “tracker” implanted into their bodies. Did President Trump approve this? Did Deep-State bureaucrats authorize it? I think many people would like answers to these and other questions about this extremely invasive program.

For those with a biblical background, you know where I’m going next. Revelation 13:11-18 warn that in the latter days, a very invasive global government/system of some kind will gain all kinds of intrusive powers over people all over the globe. It will be able to “track” everyone’s financial transactions with invasive technologies that were unknown and unknowable to the Apostle John who saw them being deployed and used in a vision of latter-day society. If a global government system can track everyone’s financial data and transactions (most likely with personalized biometric technologies), it makes sense that this control-freak, latter-day system will want to control every other aspect of people’s lives as well. A nano-sized tracking device which can be injected into people via a vaccination fits nicely with the attitude of the beast system described in Revelation 13. Now that a new nano-sized, tracking-device technology actually exists, what the beast system needed is a sudden global crisis that will scare everyone into quickly receiving a new vaccination (with the individualized tracking devices) while people are too scared of the new disease to ask many questions about a new vaccine.  Lo and behold: Along comes a new coronavirus from Wuhan, China that quickly morphs into a global pandemic even as some people in the US government are ordering enough pre-filled syringes to vaccinate everyone and equip them with implanted “tracking devices.” What a coincidence, right?

For those who would like to see abundant evidence that we are living in the age-ending time that the Apostle John foresaw in the book of Revelation, please read my article, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days?