Remember just after the Palestinian Hamas terrorists invaded Israel, killing and/or torturing approximately 1,300 peaceful  Israelis in their towns and kidnapping another 250 or so? President Biden unabashedly proclaimed that his administration had Israel’s back and would stand by it. Have times ever changed! Let’s see how nations and the media has tilted away from the Israelis and toward the Palestinians. Let’s look at the USA’s actions first.

Biden’s support for Israel has been slipping steadily, but, conversely, his support for Hamas and the Palestinians has been steadily rising. After Congress passed an $11 billion arms authorization for Israel, Biden refused to abide by it–saying he would not ship a variety of weapons to Israel which he thought were “offensive” weapons. As I write this post, the news media is reporting Biden will release just over $1 billion of weapons to Israel. These are likely what the Biden administration calls “defensive” weapons. Where is the other $10 billion that was authorized to send to Israel? The steady tilt of Biden and his entire administration toward the Hamas-led Palestinians has been quite striking. It has occurred as mobs of Leftist-indoctrinated college kids have been demonstrating for Hamas and against Israel. Israel is labeled the aggressor by these mis-educated kids even though the war was started by Hamas on October 7, 2023.

The anti–Israeli statements issued by the Biden administration are quite shocking. Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, has slammed Israel for its war effort against Hamas (first link), and has stated Israel can’t destroy Hamas militarily and must learn to live with it (third link). That is breathtakingly asinine. Hamas is a terrorist entity who gravely wounded Israel in its terrorist attack. The USA was hit hard by terrorist from Al Queda on September 11, 2001, and the USA went to work vigorously attacking Al Queda cells wherever it could to destroy them. What would the USA have said to other nations if they had said we should go easy on Al Qaeda and just learn to live with them? We would have been outraged at any nation who had such a pro-terrorist attitude. Today, the Biden administration is telling such things to Israel’s government after Israel was hit had by a terrorist attack last October. Israelis have much right to be outraged at the Biden administration’s pro-terrorist utterances.

The Biden administration has apparently become so anti-Israeli that it is even withholding vital intelligence information from the Israelis so they can target the terrorists in Gaza (second link). Publicly, Biden’s administration tells Israel to kill fewer civilians in its war vs. Hamas. However, by withholding key intelligence information about where the terrorist leaders are in Gaza, the Biden administration actually increases the toll of Gazan civilians as Biden is forcing Israel to use more broad-based measures rather than targeted attacks in its war. Also, in a report that got insufficient media attention, the UN drastically lowered its estimates of civilian casualties in the Israeli-Hamas war. Previously, the UN estimates were that approximately 22,950 civilian women and children have been killed so far, but the revised estimates indicates that only 12,700 women and children have been killed (fourth link). This shows how wildly overstated the reports of high civilian casualties in Gaza have been. The inflated figures were released by Hamas as a propaganda tool, but no one bothered to fact-check the Hamas totals. It must also be remembered that none of these civilian war casualties would have occurred if Hamas-led Palestinian terrorists had not brutally invaded Israeli towns last October 7, 2023.

Biden’s increasingly vitriolic statements and actions vs.the Israelis have emboldened the waves of anti-Jewish demonstrations and near-riots that have occurred on US college campuses. The media is paying all kinds of attention to these anti-Israeli actions, but Biden’s strategy is backfiring badly. The fifth link reports that far more American voters favor the Israelis in their war against Hamas than do those who support Hamas. This means, obviously, that the more antagonistic Biden’s policies and pronouncements become against the Israelis, the more voters he is driving toward Donald Trump and the Republicans in the upcoming elections. The fifth link also reports that Biden has lost 13% of his 2020 voters due to his Gaza war policies. As an indication that the Democrat party is becoming the home of anti-Semites, most of the Biden voters withholding their support of Biden are pro-Hamas/Palestinian, not pro-Israeli. Since polls show a strong majority of Americans favor Israel, the more Biden moves to appease his anti-Israeli base, the more he will antagonize the pro-American majority.

Biden’s foreign policy decisions have been disastrous and he needs something that he can call a “win” in the foreign arena. How he thought tilting vs. Israel would help him politically is anyone’s guess. Biden desperately wants to bring an end to Israeli-Hamas war so he can declare he has achieved a foreign policy victory. To that end, he is trying to create any kind of agreement which brings a cease-fire that will last beyond the American elections. Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu’s firmness in seeking victory vs. Hamas is standing in the way of Biden being able to spin any cease-fire as a victory for Biden. Biden’s pro-Hamas tilt has actually made the possibility of a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas less likely because it is emboldening Hamas to make ridiculous demands for a peace settlement. Hamas is now waiting for Biden and the media to give Hamas a victory that they can never win on the battlefield. Prime Minister Netanyahu has also declared that the Israelis will “fight alone” if necessary to defend their nation.

There are indications support for Hamas and the Palestinians is growing in NATO nations, the sixth link reports that Spain, Ireland, Slovenia, and Malta are preparing to soon recognize Palestine as a nation state. Are they recognizing the anti-Israeli Fatah organization in the West Bank region or are they recognizing the terrorists led by Hamas? That is not clear yet.

Complicating the entire matter is a statement by an Iranian member of their parliament that Iran now possesses nuclear weapons (seventh link). If that is true, the Mideast has entered a very dangerous new stage. Israel has long said it will do whatever is necessary to prevent Iran from having nuclear weapons. If this is coming to pass, Israel must launch a preemptive strike to stop it or accept a nuclear-armed Iran. However, any preemptive strike vs Iran will almost certainly result in Hezbollah’s massive missile and rocket inventory being unleashed vs. Israel. People tend to forget that Hezbollah and Israel are already involved in low-level skirmishes along their border, and that approximately 70,000 Israelis have had to be evacuated from their northern Israeli homes due to this threat. This is personal with me as in August, 2000 I was in that region of Israel and visited such places as Kiryat Shmona, Yuval and Kibbutz Ha’ Gosherim (where I spent the night). Those places are now essentially ghost towns and their citizens do not know when they can return to their homes.

On a positive note, Jordan has intercepted a shipment of arms that was being smuggled to Hamas (eighth link). Jordan also shot down dozens of suicide drones fired by Iran against Israel in Iran’s great attack vs. the Israelis. On the other hand, with the Biden administration no longer acting like an ally to Israel, and with four European nations prepared to recognize a Palestinian state (which would reward Hamas for their October 7th terrorist attack), Israel is seemingly being slowly abandoned by its allies.

Today’s Mideast geopolitical situation was prophesied in the Bible to occur during the latter day period of our current age. Zephaniah 2:1-7 foretold that in the end of our age (“before the day of the Lord’s anger”), a Jewish nation would be founded in the old Holy Land and that its territory would include the Mediterranean Seacoast and the city of Ashkelon. In 1948, the new Jewish nation named Israel was founded in the Holy Land and its territory included the Mediterranean seacoast and the city of Ashkelon. Only a Divine Hand could guide world events to exactly fulfill Zephaniah 2:7’s prophecy. That same prophecy also includes the prophecy; “Gaza shall be forsaken.” That also is being fulfilled before our very eyes. Zephaniah 2:8-11 states that the Creator God sees that the “border(s)” of the Jewish nation would be a constant source of conflict between the Jews and the surrounding peoples. That has also been fulfilled in modern politics. Notice Zephaniah 2: Zechariah 12:1-9 also shows that God warns that he will defend the Israelis and their capital city of Jerusalem “though all the people of the earth be gathered against it.” I think God’s promise can be relied upon!

Jerusalem and the Holy Land are prominent in many other biblical prophecies about the latter days. If you would like to examine a variety of biblical prophecies and how they may be fulfilled in the future,please read my article, Jerusalem, the “Burdensome Stone”, found in the ninth link. That article was written in 2008 so it reflects the geopolitics of that time, however, the discussion of the as-yet unfulfilled latter-day prophecies of the Bible are just as relevant todaySo, to answer the question posed in the title of this post, the answer is that the Israelis will never have to fight alone. God promises he will be on their side no matter how many nations abandon or oppose them.