Hello Steve,

I’ve been reading your comments on the recent actions of Russia, NATO’s and the USA response. If Alaska might be used as a possible means for Gog’s army to move weapons and horses through Canada towards the USA marks, what do you think of the Republcan VP, Sarah Palin being from Alaska? If a republican ticket is our next Presidency,does that sound like strategic timing may be involved by God? What are your thoughts on this?



Dear Pastor Smith,
Thanks for your very timely question. Given that Ezekiel 38 has revealed that Russia’s invasion will come from out of the north, I don’t think that there is any question that Alaska (and NW Canada) will be the planned staging areas for this Russian invasion. Geography dictates this path of operations. Please keep in mind that I do not claim to know when this event will occur, only that it WILL occur in the future because God’s Word has decreed it. Also keep in mind that my comments about a horse-borne component to this invasion were in response to a reader’s suggestion about this possibility.
The selection of Govr. Palin for the GOP V-P choice is most intriguing. My first reaction upon hearing her selection was “Who?” However, the more I learn about her, the more I like her! She sounds like she may become an American counterpart to Maggie Thatcher of the UK, a strong and formidable woman leader. It is clear the Washington establishment is terrified of her. Given her proven record as a reformer in Alaska, the Washington establishment has right to be afraid. The establishment press has pulled out all the stops to vilify her and this is understandable because the establishment press is an entrenched part of the Washington, DC “insider” network.
In response to your question, I believe that, if elected, Govr. Palin would have a realistic awareness of how easily Russia could launch an invasion of North America via Alaska because she knows how close Russia is, geographically, to the USA and North America in a way that people in the “lower 48” don’t grasp. Time will tell if God motivated this selection. I sure hope and pray that he did!