In an unusual story that the mainstream media has not yet taken much notice of, eight counties in Northern Colorado,are seeking to secede from Colorado and form their own state. The northern counties are strong gun-rights counties and are deeply disturbed by recent actions of the Colorado legislature. The first link shows which eight contiguous counties are currently part of this movement. It is possible that other rural Colorado counties will want to join the secession movement.
The chances of these counties forming their own state are slim as the first link and second link explain the legal and Constitutional hurdles to such an action. However, the fact that these counties are taking this action speaks volumes about the fractures that are developing not just within the state of Colorado but within the overall USA itself. There have been five successful efforts in US history for states to be split into two separate states with the most recent such effort being the division of Virginia into two states during the civil war. Since the prospective state of North Colorado would be very conservative, it is a safe bet it would send two GOP senators to the US Senate if it became a state. Such an action is not likely to be approved in the Democratic-controlled Senate unless the GOP takes the Senate in the 2014 elections.
It is no secret that the US population is deeply divided on such issues as abortion, gun rights, homosexual issues, etc. The US Constitution is the founding document that all groups must submit to in their deliberations and actions. On the gun rights issue, the US Constitution is squarely on the side of gun-owners and the US Supreme Court not long ago issued a ruling that firmly asserted that individuals, not just militias, have the right to own and bear arms. The issue of what restrictions states can put on that Constitutional right will be the subject of federal court cases for some time I am sure.
Abortion and homosexual issues are not mentioned at all in the Constitution so they are not among the enumerated powers that belong to the jurisdiction of the federal government. In these cases, the Constitution’s Tenth Amendment clearly gives the rights to make laws on these topics to the states themselves. The Roe v. Wade ruling made a joke of the Constitution as it should have been an open-and-shut case that the federal government has no right to impose anything on this subject on the states as it has no enumerated powers given to it to even consider this subject. Each state should be free to enact and enforce any rules or restrictions it wants on the subject of abortion. The same holds true for homosexual rights laws. Under the Tenth Amendment, each state is able to permit or deny homosexual activities to whatever extent their respective legislatures wish to do. The Tenth Amendment gives to the states far greater powers vis à vis the federal government than they have realized. It is noteworthy that while the Supreme Court is giving the states their Tenth Amendment rights to make their own laws on homosexual issues as they see fit, the same Court is denying the states to make their own laws on the issue of abortion. There should be Constitutional consistency on both issues, and the Supreme Court has been applying a hypocritical double-standard on these two issues ever since Roe v. Wade.
Some states and groups are waking up to their tenth Amendment powers. The third link reports many county sheriffs across America are opposing the Obama administration’s efforts to enact new gun control measures, and the fourth link reports the Alabama Senate voted to nullify new federal gun laws. Missouri’s entire Legislature overwhelmingly passed a law nullifying federal gun laws (see fifth link). However, liberal states are discovering the Tenth Amendment too. Connecticut has passed a bill requiring the labeling of genetically-modified foods, but its implementation depends on other adjacent states doing the same (see sixth link).
The USA is developing deep fractures within its body politic. The recent growing scandals about the Obama administration’s spying on virtually everyone (including the liberal media) have intensified this trend. I’m not sure where this fits in biblical prophecy, but these instabilities and deepening fissures within the USA have ominous implications for America’s future. These trends are likely to intensify and the outcomes may surprise us all.