Dear Steve,

I was reading your article about whether there will be a third temple to be built that the antichrist will sit in. You left the door open to swing either way to an actual temple being built OR that sacrifices would be done on the temple mount or somewhere in the immediate area without a Temple being built. I think that we can be a little more specific on to which view is correct. I just received an article that a group of Jews plan on doing the sacrifies this coming Passover. However, as much as the Masonic/Illuminatti people
want to build a THIRD temple to usher in their Masonic Christ, I don’t belive that will happen. Reason being is that we are CLEARLY told of the building of all THREE temples that will be built, and the house of Judah does NOT build the third and last temple. We are all familiar with solomon building the first temple and all the Scriptures that tell us this would happen. We have many Scriptures that tell us it will be destroyed and WHY. We have Is. 44:28 to tell us that Cyrus’ Decree would rebuild Jerusalem and lay the second Temple foundation to rebuild the second Temple. None of this was a “secret” Temple that the Scriptures were silent about. Now, the THIRD Temple that the Scriptures openly tell us about starts in Ez.40:1, 14 years AFTER Jerusalem and the FIRST Temple has been destroyed. We all know from your various works, and from others that have researched the very same things that the house of Israel had been taken into Assyrian captivity some 137 years BEFORE Jerusalem and the Temple was destroyed by Babylon, so the vision of this NEW Temple is YET future, not pertaining to the Second Temple. If you read the context for this Temple from Ez.40 through Ez.47, it is obvious that this Temple is one built during the Millenial reign of Christ. And, Ez.43:10 tells us that: Thou son of man, shew the house (the Temple) to THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL (not house of Judah) that they may be ashamed of their iniquities:AND LET THEM (the house of Israel, not Judah) MEASURE THE PATTERN!!! However, if it does turn out that the Jews are allowed to build another Temple, I don’t believe it will stand for long but would be totally destroyed as the other Temples were. My view is that since we are clearly told of the building of ALL the Temples, it would seem strange that the Scriptures would not include the one anti-Christ is supposed to sit in. I’ve ran across too many errors in translations to stake a theological position on the surface reading of our present translations which seems to be the popular case. Well, hoped to have helped shed some light on this subject.

Edward Anderson


Dear Edward,

You are correct that I’m leaving the door open on the issue of whether another temple will be built in the latter days before Christ returns. Some prophecies do infer the existence of a Temple in the latter-days, but others are not so clear on this subject. In Matthew 24:15, Christ referred to an abominable image which will “stand in the holy place” and Revelation 11:1 does mention a “temple” in a latter-day context. It is hard to visualize a “holy place” unless there is a physical temple or (at the very least) a dedicated temple site with an identifiable “holy place.” Daniel 12:11 also mentions timetables concerning the stoppage of daily sacrifices in the latter days. A “Passover sacrifice” would be an annual event and would not constitute “daily sacrifices.” Again, it is hard for me to visualize daily sacrifices being made without having a “holy place” at which to offer them. That implies the existence of a temple or at least a dedicated site at which construction is taking place. I agree with you that the temple referenced in the final chapters of Ezekiel is a millennial temple. It is also a valid question to ask that if a temple is built in our latter day period, will it become the millennial temple or not?

Many of us will be watching world events eagerly to see what develops on this issue as the latter days draw to a conclusion. I’m posting your comments at the website so others may consider them as well.