Previous posts at this blogsite have opined that a mutual fear of Iran was pushing the Saudis and other Sunni Arab nations into a convergence of interest with the Israelis against Iran.  The Wikileaks release of secret diplomatic traffic has confirmed just how true this convergence was!

Wikileaks released a confidential 2008 Saudi proposal to assemble an Arab League military force to wage war against Hezbollah in Lebanon. Egypt and Jordan were consulted about participating in such a war against Hezbollah. The Saudis asked the USA and NATO for logistical, air and naval support. Obviously, the Saudis wanted to eliminate Hezbollah as a fighting force to diminish the influence of Iran in the region. Such a war would have very strongly placed the Saudis and the Israelis on common ground as Hezbollah is an avowed enemy of the Israelis. The USA apparently “punted” the proposal and did nothing to help the Saudis implement this plan.

Personally, I think such a US-backed Saudi war against Hezbollah would have made far more sense and been much more in the long-term American security interest than having American troops endlessly chase Taliban fighters all over the rocks of Afghanistan. The Al-Queda training camps in Afghanistan were eliminated years ago and there is little or no serious danger from Al Queda emanating from Afghanistan these days. Hezbollah, however, possesses the capacity to start a major war in the Mideast in behalf of Iran.  I’m surprised the American government didn’t pay more serious attention to the Saudi proposal. Perhaps the day will come when they will wish they had done so.