No doubt, readers of this blog are familiar with the major flap about the Wikileaks release of previously-secret diplomatic correspondence within the US State Department. These leaks are a major embarrassment to the US State Department, but the released information does confirm that the fears of the Sunni Arab nations about Iran’s threat to them is leading to an increased convergence of interests between the Sunni Arab nations and the Israelis vis-à-vis Iran. This trend was mentioned in my most recent blog post and previous blog posts as well.

The first link below, from CBS News, reports that the Kings of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain have joined the Israelis in urging the USA to take strong actions against the Iranian nuclear military threat. The UAE shared those concerns but was less strident about the need for urgent military than was Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. The second link, from the Islamic website, Al Jazeera, confirmed the information in the CBS story and reported the king of Saudi Arabia as long ago as 2008 was urging military action by the USA against Iran, arguing the USA must “cut off the head of the snake.” It also adds a dangerous new dimension to the story in stating that there is a link between the Iranian threats in the Mideast and the crisis on the Korean Peninsula. It states that the USA “believes Iran has obtained advanced missiles from North Korea capable of striking Europe as far as Berlin.” This puts much of eastern and central Europe at risk from Iranian missiles so it is not just the Israelis and Sunni Arab nations which are threatened by Iran’s nuclear/missile program. That means Iran is a direct military threat to much of Europe as well.

I very much doubt that North Korean long-range missiles would have ended up in Iranian hands unless China had given the green light to the North Koreans to transfer such technology and weaponry to Iran. The transfer of long-range weapons from North Korea to Iran confirms that the nations of the Gog-Magog alliance (prophesied in Ezekiel 38-39) are working together across the entire spectrum of Asia to oppose and threaten western interests.

The third link, from, asserts that the “secret Saudi-Israeli meetings on Iran” will continue under the new Mossad leadership team. Interestingly, it reports that the Saudis weren’t particularly bothered by the open Wikileaks revelation that Saudi Arabia was openly urging the USA to attack Iran. It even details very close Saudi-Israeli cooperation in planning the specific logistics of a strike by Israel against Iran. The fourth link reveals that the US has been intensely spying on the Israelis for many years. In recent years, such spying is likely to try and determine Israeli intentions and plans about a possible strike against Iran. The killing of Iranian nuclear scientists and the Stuxnet computer worm attack against Iran’s nuclear facilities have likely decreased the need for an immediate military attack against Iran. The Stuxnet attack against Iran’s computers in its nuclear facilities also shows the West is capable of using ingenious asymmetric warfare against its enemies to avoid the need for an open military attack. It is widely reported that China is developing asymmetric warfare capabilities vs. the USA and the West, but the Stuxnet attack against Iran should give China pause as it confirms that the West also already has the ability and willingness to wage asymmetric war against its rivals.

The last link shows that China is becoming a more active player in the Mideast, especially in its bilateral relations with Iran, Syria and Turkey. Chinese involvement in the region makes the Mideast a more dangerous place as Chinese backing of Iran, Syria and Turkey could strengthen the resolve of those nations against the Israelis and Sunni Arab nations. That could make war more, not less, likely. We live in dangerous times, just as II Timothy 3:1 prophesied would occur in the latter days.,0,3988489.story