In what I think is an example of a breathtakingly “out of touch” statement by a major governmental leader, British Foreign Secretary, David Cameron, just days ago called for the creation of a Palestinian state in a “two-state” solution in the Mideast war between Israel and the Palestinians (first link). Cameron stated “The UK has a responsibility to set out what a Palestinian state would look like.” Excuse me!! Who gave the UK a “responsibility” to “set out what a Palestinian state would look like?” Does Secretary Cameron think that the UN’s Palestinian Mandate to the UK after World War II is still in effect? Someone should inform “Lord” Cameron that the UN already divided the Holy Land into a “two state” solution in 1948. The Jews accepted it; the “Palestinians” did not. If the Palestinians and their allies in the local Arab nations had accepted the UN’s two-state solution in 1948, the current Israeli-Palestinian war would not be raging. Secretary Cameron’s call for a two-state solution under current conditions would actually reward the Palestinians for launching a horrific terror attack against the Israelis on October 7, 2023. The Hamas-led Palestinians wantonly killed 1,200 peaceful Israelis and tortured many of them via burning them alive, decapitating them slowly, gang-raping females, etc. Hamas leaders have subsequently stated they want to launch more such horrific attacks vs Israelis and exterminate the Jewish nation…and “Lord” Cameron wants to reward the Palestinians and Hamas with a two-state solution as result of their mass terrorism vs. the Israelis. 

The second link discusses Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s “longstanding opposition” to any two-state solution. He had that view before the invasion by Palestinian terrorists destroyed Israeli towns and killed/torturing/kidnapped their residents. Given the ghastly cruelty of Hamas, I think all political parties in Israel now would adamantly refuse any creation of a two-state solution. Cameron’s call for a two-state solution before Israel even has its kidnapped citizens back is an example of incredibly bad timing by the British Foreign Secretary. His timing even got worse with a new development making his statement look even more foolish.

It has now been revealed that an unknown number of UN employees working for UNRWA in Gaza took part in and supported the Palestinian invasion of Israel on October 7th! There are media reports that the UN Secretary General has fired about a dozen UN employees and more may be fired as the UN investigation of its own employees continues. This revelation of the UN’s own employees participating in the terrorist invasion of Israel has shocked the world. Major nations giving funding to the UN have announced cut-offs of funding for UNRWA as a result of the despicable act by UNRWA staffers in Gaza. The third link, fourth link and fifth link offer media coverage of these events from varying perspectives. The sixth link asserts that as many as 10% of the UN’s UNRWA employees have a connection to terrorist groups. The seventh link cites testimony of released hostages repatriated to Israel that Israeli women in captivity are being “subjected to regular sexual abuse,” including dressing the Israeli females up in inappropriate or “doll-like” clothing before they inflict whatever kind of sexual abuse their Palestinian captors choose to do to these captive women. The eighth link cites an example of a Palestinian trying to sell the decapitated head of a murdered Israeli for $10,000. And yet the British Foreign Secretary thinks the Palestinians who do these atrocious things now should be rewarded with a state of their own. The entire civilized world ought to oppose any Palestinian state indefinitely now that the cruelty of the Palestinians has been revealed. Any Palestinian state would surely exhibit the same depravities of the Hamas-led Palestinians in Gaza. The Palestinians who killed and tortured Israelis have set their own cause back by many years.

While it receives little attention given the far wider scale of events taking place in Gaza, Israeli-Palestinian violence is occurring in the West Bank region as well. The ninth link describes an Israeli raid on a Palestinian hospital which reportedly killed three Palestinians that Israel regarded as dangerous. That link states that 357 Palestinians in the West Bank region administered by the Palestinian Authority have been killed in the current hostilities. There is no estimate of the Israeli casualties in the West Bank fighting. The tenth link cites US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken as asserting that the current Mideast situation is the most dangerous it has been since 1973 (the year of the Yom Kippur War where Arab nations invaded Israel on a High Holy Day in Judaism). I think Secretary Blinken is right. Given the ferocity of the war in Gaza, the frequency of Iranian-backed terrorist attacks on US bases in Iraq, Eastern Syria and Jordan as well as the persistent attacks of the Iranian-backed Houthis in Yemen upon international maritime shipping, the circumstances are primed for a much wider Mideast war to erupt. The conflicts are bad enough, but here is existential hatred at work that goes far beyond the mere hostilities in progress. The Palestinians proclaim their slogan “From the River to the Sea” as an intention to remove all Jews from the Holy Land who live between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea– by extermination of the Jews if necessary. The Israelis are enraged by the torture, killings and rapes of their fellow citizens by the Palestinians on October 7th, and they are in no mood to show any mercy to the Palestinians. If it is revealed that the still-kidnapped Israelis are being persistently subjected to torture and sexual abuse in the Palestinians’ labyrinth of tunnels under Gaza, Israel may raise the ante of violence to an even higher level.

Wars in the Mideast are not like wars in Europe. European wars for centuries have seen nations fight and kill, but when the war is over, reparations get paid, borders get re-drawn and regular trade relations resume. In the Mideast, warfare can often breed visceral hatred and a desire for revenge. We are witnessing not only a war, but a large tribal blood feud unfolding in the Mideast between the Palestinians and the Israelis. Biblical prophecy foretells the Israelis will win. Zephaniah 2 is a prophecy for the region of the Holy Land just before the Day of the Lord occurs. In other words, it is for the latter days (see my article, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days?).  Verse 7 foretold a new Jewish nation would be formed in the Holy Land that would include the city of Ashkelon and the Mediterranean seacoast. That prophecy was written circa 630 BC. In 1948, a new Jewish nation was founded which included the city of Ashkelon and the Mediterranean seacoast. How is that for a prophetic bulls-eye! Verses 9-11 declare God’s anger at the surrounding nations who oppose the latter-day Jewish nation. Zechariah 12:1-9 add that the latter-day Jewish nation, with its capital at Jerusalem, will enjoy Divine protection and will not “be removed from the face of the earth” (as Iran has declared is its intent). the Creator God says he will preserve the Jewish nation even if “all the people of the earth be gathered together against it” (verse 3).

The title of this post said there will be a reason offered for why a two-state solution cannot be implemented at this time. The reason is self-evident. The Palestinians started this war on October 7th with a mass invasion of peaceful Israeli towns, killing, torturing and raping many Israelis and kidnapping approximately 230 more. Israel has replied with a fierce invasion of Gaza, seeking to free its hostages and the Israelis are understandably motivated by a desire for retribution against the Palestinian invaders. The longer this war continues, the more the mutual hatred will grow. Israel will never allow any Palestinian state to exist alongside it which it cannot trust to act in a civilized manner. Currently, there are no moderate Palestinian leaders with whom Israel can negotiate. I am certainly not aware of any. The Palestinian Authority (PA) is hardly “moderate”. It teaches Palestinian children to hate Jews in Palestinian schools and even pays bonuses to Palestinian families who have a family member who kills an Israeli. No Israeli government will allow any Palestinian state to exist which teaches its citizens to hate and kill Jews.

It is vital to remember that neither the UN nor the UK (despite what “‘Lord” Cameron might desire) hold a veto over the creation of a Palestinian state. The USA holds no such veto either. [President Biden seems to dither between each side, but he is constrained by the fact that the American people overwhelmingly favor Israel. A recent poll showed 80% of Americans favor the Israelis]. It is the Israeli government and people who hold the veto over what kind of Palestinian state can come into existence–if one ever does come into existence. If one ever does exist in the future, it would have to be disarmed for many years, the current Hamas/PA leaders would have to go and Gaza and the West Bank region would likely have to be administered and policed by a force of fellow Muslims acceptable to the Israelis (Saudis and Egyptians for example).

One final thought. If Israel (and/or the USA) seriously go to war with Iran, “all bets are off.”