Hello Mr Collins,
I thought your book The Lost Ten Tribes Found! was one of the best I have ever read.  My only regret is that my father passed away before I could share it with him.
A book on the pre-flood world sounds very interesting.  I pray that you can find the time and energy to put it together, and that your health and that of your wife improves. 
I attend a very sound Bible Church in the Fort Worth area.  It’s unfortunate that more Christians are so quick to dismiss the LTT connection to modern America.
I initially thought is sounded far-fetched too, but your book along with some older ones I read have pretty much convinced me.
To me, it’s one of those rare theories about bible history that seems to answer more questions than it raises.    
David Jackson


Hello Mr. Jackson,
Thanks for the positive comments about the material in my books and for your continued prayers for me health issues.
I think there are several reasons why many Christians have difficulty with the simple concept that the ten tribes can be traced throughout history and in the modern world. One is that we have been so conditioned to a “minimalist” view of the Bible that it is hard for some to realize that the Bible is very relevant to this world and all previous parts of mankind’s history. Another is that some groups have either put an improper racist “spin” on the evidence or they have used the evidence to try and lift their own organization up in a way which puts other ones down. As you no doubt know, my books have neither of these characteristics. My books have a non-denominational, “just the facts”‘ approach which seeks to edify the faith and knowledge-level of readers in whatever organization they are in or wherever they are in their personal walk with the Creator. I’ve had positive feedback about my books from readers in a very wide variety of denominations and organizations.