As the world’s attention has been distracted by such events as the missing Malaysian airliner, the Syrian civil war, the Ukrainian crisis and Russia’s annexation of the Crimea, a huge story has been unfolding beyond the scrutiny of the masses. It is so important that it could eventually rearrange alliances, cause governments to fall, initiate wars, new currencies, etc. This post will give you an insight into this critical development in global finance and its possible impact on the fulfillment of a key biblical prophecy.

The first three and the fifth link below offer comprehensive documentation about this crisis. The crisis is that Germany has demanded its gold back from the US Federal Reserve Board and the Central Bank of France, and it reportedly can’t get its gold back, according to these links. Indeed, the first two links report that Germany may not get its gold back until 2020 and that a year after it made its demand to have its gold physically shipped back to Germany, only 5% of the German gold has been delivered back to Germany. Think for a moment. If the US Federal Reserve Bank and the French Central Bank actually had faithfully held Germany’s gold in a safe custodial site, both the US and French central banks could have shipped Germany’s gold back to it within weeks or months. The first link has an especially in-depth discussion of this crisis in the global gold and monetary markets and it has a wealth of links to even more in-depth examinations of this crisis. The second link reports that the US Fed could only repatriate to Germany a “paltry five tons” even after a year of Germany’s demand for it. The third link offers you a Google list of many links that are available on this story which is not being reported in the mainstream press.

The first link reports that more nations are demanding their gold back or failing to return gold to foreign nations who want their gold back. The list of nations involved with either demanding their gold back or refusing to send it back includes, besides Germany, the USA and France, Romania, Russia, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Venezuela, Ecuador, etc. Reportedly, the US Federal Reserve has refused to allow the Germans to even physically inspect Germany’s gold to see it was even in the Fed’s custody. Again, if the US Fed really had Germany’s gold safely held in a custodial location (as it should), this would be an easy request to grant. Any refusal is tantamount to an admission the gold it not there to inspect. The link also reports that China is becoming the global gold “superpower” as China reportedly is importing and amassing as much gold (and silver) as it possibly can. There are so many internet links documenting that China is engaged in a massive accumulation of the planet’s gold and silver that I’ve included the fourth link for a menu of articles on the topic. One of the top links asserts that as long ago as 2011, China was buying nearly 50% of the world’s gold. It does appear that China is trying to “corner the market” on gold and silver. What does China know about the gold and silver market that is not being told to the nations’ citizenry? I think it is very safe to assume that China does not expect the price of either metal to go down in the future. Indeed, once China has amassed enough gold and silver, it may decide to openly set and control the price of gold and silver on the world’s markets. Some of the links cited (or links within the cited links) predict a gold price of $5000 US dollars/ounce and $100/ounce for silver in the foreseeable future. If this proves to be anywhere close to a factual prediction, one can see why China is amassing as much gold and silver as it can. Nations that have gold and silver would become strong nations and nations that have little or no gold or silver would become the new “third world” of global finance. For a particular bit of global skulduggery in the global gold markets, be sure to read to the end of the link re: the Mali connection.

The final link has two astounding pieces of information. The first is that, reportedly, German representatives were finally allowed by the New York Fed to see a little bit of Germany’s gold (i.e. in only one of nine vaults where it should be held), but didn’t even allow the Germans to touch it. It adds that the tiny bit of gold given by the NY Fed to Germany didn’t have the original Bundesbank stamp markings on the bars, which strongly indicates the gold bars given to Germany were not Germany’s original gold bars. There is a limp explanation by the Fed that the bars had been re-cast, but that would be an utterly unnecessary act if the gold bars were really Germany’s original gold bars (as the article notes). The second piece of information is that the Reserve Bank of India reported that “the paper claims on gold [are] approximately 93 to 1 vs. physical gold that is available in the same year (emphasis added).” The link explains this means that of the 93 people who think they actually own traded gold in a given year, 92 of them don’t actually own any gold at all. I think readers can understand that if all paper owners of gold simultaneously submitted their claims to possess their claims to physical gold, the global gold market would collapse due to defaulted promises and the “shell game” would end.

How does this have a biblical prophetic ramification? It may have a massive one. Indeed, the hidden crisis in the gold market could lead to the direct fulfillment of the prophecy in Revelation 17-18 that the latter-day global political/monetary/financial system known as Babylon the Great will experience a very hard and traumatic takedown and collapse due to the actions of “seven heads and ten horns.” Revelation 18:1-3 describe this system of the latter-day political-economic elites as being incredibly self-indulgent and corrupt. The prophecy contains a long list of items and commodities in which the trading and buying of them collapses when this prophecy is fulfilled, and the very first items mentioned in the prophesied list are gold and silver (Revelation 18:11-13).

Let us consider a possible future scenario. Keep in mind that I am not predicting this will happen; I’m simply pointing out a plausible scenario which could fulfill the prophecy of Revelation 17-18 . Let us assume that at some future date, the leaders of China and 16 other nations (the seven heads and ten horns) call a press conference and announce something like the following: “Ladies and gentlemen, we have called this press conference to announce a global realignment of the world’s currency and commodities markets. China and the associated nations at this press conference now either own all of the world’s gold and silver or have so many claims via the futures markets at the New York Comex and the London’s Metals exchanges that we now have claims on effectively all the world’s gold and silver. We collectively will now redeem all our futures contracts at these exchanges for actual gold and silver to be immediately delivered upon demand. If sufficient gold and silver (confirmed by assay and bore-testing methods) is not promptly delivered to the representatives of these 17 nations upon demand, these exchanges will be declared to be in default and will become insolvent. Given that we now control all but a small fraction of the world’s gold and silver supplies, and we also have ownership rights to all production from many of the world’s gold and silver mines’ future production, we are now setting the price of these two metals. Our beginning prices for these metals shall be $5,000 US dollars for an ounce of gold and $100 US dollars for an ounce of silver. A new trading exchange shall be established in China for physical settlement of all transactions in gold and silver. Any nation, bank or entity not able to produce “good delivery” of gold and silver upon request will be barred from further participation in these markets. A new trading exchange shall soon be announced for the convertibility of several named global paper currencies into specified amounts of actual gold and silver. Thank you for coming. We will not be taking any questions.”

If such an announcement is ever made at any such future press conference, can you imagine the unprecedented turmoil in all financial, commodity and currency markets within mere seconds of the conclusion of such an announcement? Given the speed of transactions in today’s electronic markets, Babylon the Great’s current global system, based on US dollars, could literally collapse in one hour, just as is prophesied in Revelation 18:17.