Mr. Collins

I’ve been reading your exposition on Ezekiel 38 & 39 and find it very intriguing. Do you have a theory of who comprises the final 10 nation conglomerate Beast power? I’ve seen you regard Germany largely as Gad, and non-aggressive in the final analysis, in opposition to the House of Israel, which will incur national punishment. Thanks again, and I look forward to any new writings you have on the horizon.

Issac Lopez


Dear Isaac,
I don’t think anyone yet knows who the “final ten nation conglomerate beast Power” will be, but the Bible does offer us a few possible clues to consider. Both Revelation 13:1 and 17 prophesy that the beast power will be brought into being by an international entity composed of “seven heads and ten horns.” John’s vision of this prophetic imagery does not tell us the degree to which the “seven heads” and the “ten horns” may overlap. Did each “head” have at least one “horn,” while some of the heads may had more than one horn? John doesn’t tell us.
Also, while the “head” of any creature does the thinking for the rest of the body, the “horns” of a creature do the fighting. This imagery allows for as many as 17 nations or entities to be involved in the creation of the beast power or as few as ten nations or entities (if each “head” also has one of the “horns”). Another clue may be found in Revelation 17. Verses 1-6 relate that the “great whore” is called Babylon the Great and that it has sat on (ridden or reigned) over the “seven heads and ten horns” for an unspecified length of time before those same “seven heads and ten horns” finally throw off the rule of Babylon the Great and destroy it (verses 9-18). After these seven heads and ten horns destroy the global system called “Babylon the Great” (identified in Revelation 18:2-3 as an unholy alliance of the global corporations and secular rulers of the earth) these seven heads and ten horns then install the global “beast” power. Some take a long view of history and see the Roman Empire and its successor Holy Roman Empires as the “seven heads” of Revelation 17. One simple explanation that could be offered is that the seven heads and ten horns are already in evidence in front of us, hidden in plain sight. The global nations which dominate world commerce and banking are called the “G-7” nations and the number “ten” could signify the nations of the ten tribes of Israel.  These nations are the ones currently most dominated (“ridden on”) by the current global economic system controlled by secretive central banks). The US Congress is getting upset with the Federal Reserve Board and the US House of Representatives now has enough co-sponsors on a bill to do a comprehensive audit of the Fed. Germany’s Prime Minister Merkel openly criticized the policies of the US Federal Reserve Board not many months ago, so the G-7 nations (many of which are also part of the ten tribes of Israel) are getting restive against the domination of the central banks (Babylon the Great).
Daniel 2’s prophecy supports this possibility. Daniel 2 is the prophecy about the great image seen by Nebuchanezzar in a dream, and the empires of Babylon, Persia,Greece, Rome (divided into two legs in the dream even as the Roman Empire was divided into a western and eastern empire). The final manifestation of the great image is its “ten toes” composed of iron (the nations and peoples once in the Roman Empire pictured by the “iron”) and a new material not previously part of the image’s empires. That new material is “potter’s clay,” which is identified in Jeremiah 18:4-6 as the “House of Israel” (i.e. the ten tribes of Israel). The “ten toes” of the Great image seen in Daniel two at the end of this age most likely correspond to the “ten horns” seen by John in Revelation 13 and 17. If so, the ten horns could be the ten tribes of Israel (the “potter’s clay” of Jeremiah 18 and Daniel 2).
Hope you find these thoughts useful. While we can try to determine who the seven heads and ten horns are, we will have to wait for the fulfillment of the prophecy to know for sure which modern nations will fulfill these prophecies.