The story has broken in a few media sources that someone was secretly spying on Iranian-Western talks about the nuclear facilities and weapons programs. Those talks concluded without any firm agreements.

The first link reports that Kaspersky Lab technicians discovered that an ultra-sophisticated spying program had been installed at the location where the “secret” negotiations were being conducted, and that this spying program could tap into the video, audio and Wi-Fi systems at the location. Theoretically, whoever installed the spyware program was able to listen and watch whatever was going on behind closed doors at those talks–a very major intelligence coup. The spyware program was a more sophisticated version of the Duqu spyware program which was, itself, developed from the Stuxnet spyware program that targeted and disabled Iranian computers at Iran’s nuclear facilities and weapons programs. It was believed that Stuxnet was a joint Israeli-American effort. The first link points the finger at the Israelis as the source of the spy program at the talks, but adds that international spying is now so widespread that it is “a case of the watchers watching the watchers who are watching them.”

The second link offers more details about the spying technology found at the Iranian talks site, but it indicates that the finger could just as easily point at the Russians as well as at the Israelis. It notes the Kaspersky Lab firm that found the spying program has “close ties to Russian intelligence,” and that it was “so sophisticated that it must have been created by a government.”

Let’s consider some options. The third link reminds us that the nuclear talks with Iran about its nuclear/nuclear weapons program are being conducted only by the five UN Security Council members plus Germany. The rest of the world was excluded from those talks. That is an odd tactic as many nations have very intense interests in what those talks involve. Israel, who we must remember has been threatened by Iran with being “wiped off the map”, has perhaps the largest interest and motive to know what is going on at those talks. However, all Sunni Islamic nations have also been excluded from the talks and they are very much threatened by Iran’s nuclear program because Iran is the dominant Shiite Islamic power that is trying to dominate the Sunni nations. What about regional powers such as Turkey, India and Pakistan? They are also threatened by what happens with the Iranian nuclear program. Since Iran is developing ballistic missiles to hit European cities, all European nations not directly represented at the talks also have a vital interest in what is being discussed and decided at the Iranian talks.

The list of possible suspects who planted the elite new spying program at the Iranian talks is long. It may even be a consortium of nations which worked together to put the spying program into place. One nation may have primarily developed the spyware and other nations’ operatives may have unobtrusively helped insert it into the locations where the talks were being held. Perhaps instead of asking the question: What nation had an interest in planting the super-spyware?, we should be asking: “What nations didn’t have an interest in planting secret spyware at the talks?”

Among the participants at the so-far unsuccessful talks, Russia, China and Iran are the leading members of the Gog-Magog alliance prophesied in Ezekiel 38-39 to come into existence at the end of our current latter-day period of time. The USA, the UK, France and Germany are all modern nations descended from the biblical ten tribes of Israel and are also prophesied in Ezekiel 38-39 to eventually be targeted by a surprise attack by the Gog-Magog alliance member-states. The rest of the world would very much like to know “who is selling out who?” at these talks and wants direct information of their own. It needs to be remembered that the small group of nations negotiating about Iran’s nuclear program do not speak for the vast majority of the world’s nations. The Israelis, Sunni Arab nations, etc. are not bound to abide by any of the terms of any agreement (if one is reached) at the nuclear talks.

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