I am in a debate with someone who claims that the “Beast” of Revelations is the Roman Catholic church. I believe the “Beast” is Islam itself, but am having trouble proving my point even though I have sent this person much information regarding this viewpoint.
Am I correct that the “Beast” is likely the religion of Islam?
Also, I see 2 harlots in the Bible. One is Israel as stated in the OT, but the other, the “Mother of Harlots” cannot be the Catholic church either. The “Mother of Harlots” is Nimrod’s wife and mother of Babel fame. The Catholic church is merely a daughter. The harlot that rides the beast will be associated with Babylon which is now rearing it’s head in Dubai. 
Please let me know if I am on the right track. I really wouldn’t care – this debate I’m in would only be a “discussion” except that in these times it is REALLY important for use to know the truth.



Dear Kimberly,

I believe the forces of radical Islam (and nations associated with it) will be the “king of the south” described in Daniel 12:40-43. The king of the south is prophesied to be defeated by a “king of the north” power which enters the Mideast from outside the region and defeats the king of the south power. This may have already happened in the Persian Gulf War of 1991 and the ongoing Iraqi War. For expanded information on this topic, I urge you to read my research paper entitled “A New Look at Prophecy” available for free at the Articles link at this website.

The king of the north power is a victorious military power as is the “beast” of Revelation 13. I believe the biblical terms for the “beast,” “Babylon the Great,” “the [final] King of the north” power and “the ten toes” of Daniel 2 are all different terms for the same end-time, world alliance with global reach. I believe that alliance is found in the nations of the USA, NATO and their worldwide allies. These nations are a combination of the “clay” of the people and nations of the ten tribes of Israel plus the “iron” of the people and nations of the old Roman Empire. Daniel 2:42-25 shows the clay and iron are two elements of a final, but fractious, global alliance in the latter-days. The “iron” represents the old Roman Empire and Jeremiah 18:6 reveals the biblical symbol of “clay” stands for the ten tribes of Israel. However, Daniel 11:44 reveals the “king of the north” power is itself attacked at the very end of our age by a rival alliance located to the east and north of the king of the north’s domain and armies. This “eastern” attack is described as coming out of Asia in Rev. 16:12 and the northern attack is further revealed in Ezekiel 38. The Asian alliance which will attack the king of the north is revealed to be Russia, China, Iran, etc. in Ezekiel 38. More information on this attack is available in my paper, “What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveals about a Future World War III,” also available for free at this website. This Asian alliance has already come into existence and it increasingly hates the USA, NATO and their allies. This fact indicates that we are living, right now, in the biblical latter days and the end of our age is drawing nigh. You are correct that at this critical time, believers need to “know the truth.”

The Catholic Church (or, for that matter, many denominations of modern Christianity) could be numbered among the “harlot” and its “daughters.” I have seen many different opinions on this issue. It may prove true, but one factor that has always concerned me about this identification is it could be too “pat” an explanation. Many Protestant and non-Catholic denominations have long taught that the Roman Catholic Church is the “harlot.” Of course, in making that identification, the Protestant Churches identify themselves as the “daughters” as they emerged from (were born out of) the Roman Catholic Church. However, Matthew 25:1-13 has a parable which indicates that vast numbers of believers, whatever their spiritual condition, have so misunderstood prophetic fulfillments and identifications in the latter days that they are completely surprised when Jesus Christ returns earlier than they expected. This can only occur if vast numbers of believers misunderstand prophetic fulfillments and identifications all around them on the world scene. Believers must remain flexible and allow God to reveal to us via world events who/what is fulfilling world events in the latter days. We cannot rely on rigid expectations.

Remember also that Revelation 10:4 mentions that there is an important series of seven world events (the “seven thunders”) which John saw in his vision of the latter days but which God told him to conceal from our understanding. This indicates that we should all expect some surprises as we experience the latter days unfold around us. At the climax of the latter days, Jesus Christ will return and establish his millennial government. But Rev. 10:4 indicates that God has kept some aspects of the latter day sequence of events hidden–very likely to test his followers’ faith during the latter days. Always have faith in God’s purposes in the future even if events occur which seem to indicate that something has gone awry in the latter day sequence. If John had been allowed to write down what the “seven thunders” were, those future “surprising” world events would likely not be surprising to us at all.

Steven Collins