From a reader:

Hello Mr. Collins,

Great work on the pre history of earth, makes lots of sense.

Question for you, who built the pyramids and how old do you think they are?

They seem to be the enigma in history. If pre flood, then how did they survive, and the earth is full of them now as they have discovered.

Thank you,


My response:


You ask a good question. Without providing a lot of elaboration (which I hope to do in a major article in the future), it is my belief that the sphinx most likely has a pre-Flood origin due to its proven past erosion by huge volumes of water not present in Egypt during recent millennia. The pyramids were, in my judgment, built either in pre-Flood times as well or in the immediate post-Flood time when mankind could still read and speak the pre-Flood language and had access to all the high-tech secrets of that pre-Flood civilization.

Genesis 11:6 cites God himself noting that mankind had reached a technological tipping point at the tower of Babel project that “nothing” would be restrained from them that they imagined to do, so post-Flood mankind was busily recreating the pre-Flood civilization which God had destroyed. This was against God’s will and he confused all their languages so all nations were cut off from the pre-Flood technologies. To learn more about my views on how high-tech the “tower of Babel” project was, I urge readers to listen to my free audio message, “As It Was in the Days of Noah,” available at the “speeches” tab at the top of my website’s home page.

I pay little attention to any age estimates that predate the Flood as God changed the rate at which matter (including the bodies of mankind) ages after the Deluge. This means there has not been a steady rate of decay in C-14 throughout human history so all datings based on that isotope have no accuracy prior to the Flood.

Steve Collins