Well certainly there were not “humans” before “Adam” was
created….nor was Yahshua “flesh” when he was with the Father.  I believe
HE was part of the Elohim family…my thought was that since HE, our Brother
was part of that Elohim family…then why not us?   Two instances that seem
to me similiar:  Yahweh” breathed” into Adam giving him physical “life”, is
there any reason to believe that could have been 26 chromosones, ie egg,
half of a whole, Elohim seed…..we then inherited from our father
Adam…..The second instance was Yahshua after being accepted at the throne
as the wave sheaf, or First Fruit offering…..came into the Upper Room and
once again “breathed” on the disciples.  Was that the next 26
chromosones…creating the new life or new man….we since recieve that
through baptisim of the Holy Spirit from the laying on of hands??  Father
gave us the physical to understand the spiritual and when you study human
reproduction and layer that with scripture, including Set Apart Days, there
becomes a lot of things to consider.  Thank you so much for your reply and
educated thoughts…  



Dear Judy,
Thanks for your follow-up, but I’m not aware of any scriptures which support a concept that any humans had any kind of pre-existence before we became human. The Bible openly tells us Jesus was pre-existent, but makes no similar statement about humans. No angels can become sons of God (Hebrews 1:5-6) so we weren’t angels. Genesis 1:26-28 indicates that human beings, made in the image of the Elohim (God), were a brand-new creation of God in the garden of Eden. If you have not done so, I suggest that you check out my recent article, Is the Earth 6,000 Years Old?, as it addresses many issues about the ages prior to the creation of mankind.