Mr Collins,

We are so pleased to find someone that believes so much like we do…sometimes one wonders if you are the “only one”. In regard to your article “Is the Earth only 6,000 yrs old?”  there is something that I want for you to consider pretaining to the “sons of El” that shouted for joy.

Who are the Sons of El according to the Word?  Well, those who recieve the “seed” of Yahshua through baptism of the Holy Spirit (it is spiritual conception)  We know that Yahshua is the FIRST and only “begotten” son…who “is not ashamed to call them brethern.  We know that He was with the Father in the beginning, before the world was made…so we believe it is safe to think that we were as well and that we “shouted for joy” when we were told of the plan to make us “begotten” Sons…first fruits…double inheritance first born.  Just something for you to consider.  Enjoy your articles and insight very much. 

Thank you.
Judy Fisher


Dear Judy,
Thank you for your comments. I’m delighted that you enjoyed my article about the true age of the earth. If Christians all understood this issue, there would be far less conflict between believers and scientists!
Concerning “the sons of El” (or “sons of Elohim”) in Job 38:7, they cannot be mankind because mankind was not created on the earth until after the earth existed. However, Hebrews 1:5, says that God has never called angels his “sons” at any time. Is this a conflict? No. The word appearing as “sons” in the King James Version’s translations of Job 38:7 and Hebrews 1:5 come from two different words in two different languages (one is from Hebrew and the other from Greek) so different meanings are possible. Strong’s Concordance writes that the Hebrew word “ben” (translated “sons” in Job 38:7) can convey a variety of meanings. It is given as “word 1121” which means “a son…in the widest sense (of literal and figurative relationship)…” [Emphasis added.]  Since we know that the angels (not humans) were in existence watching from the heavenly realm when the earth was first created, Job 38:7 has to reference angelic beings who are being referred to in a “figurative” manner as the “created offspring of God.” I see no other explanation.
I agree with you that Yahshua/Jesus is “the first and only begotten son” referenced in the scriptures and that He was with the Father before the world was made.