Dear Mr. Collins
I have truly enjoyed reading all of your books and most of the articles on your website. With the understanding of Israel s identity today as well as in the past has deepened my understanding of Israel in the Bible.
I have expanded my horizon from my WCG days and have researched different authors and lecturers, but two items have come up for which I would appreciate your input.
First, there are those that say that the descendants of Japheth (Son of Noah), form most of the white Caucasian race of Europe and America. Even  Wikipedia  on the internet states this. I was taught in my early days of WCG that the descendants of Shem (Son of Noah) form most of the white Caucasian race.
Second, there are those that say that the modern Russians are direct descendants of the Scythians. I have read your books, and you state that most of the Scythians were from Israel stock. Is it possible that some of the Scythians were not of Israelite stock?
I truly look forward to hearing from you because I greatly respect your opinion.
Thank you,
Mark Dratler


Dear Mr. Dratler,
Thanks for your positive commentary on my books. I’ be happy to respond to your two questions.
The concept that most of the Caucasian races descend from Japheth is a common misconception. I’ve seen it often, but never once have I seen any substantive evidence or documentation to support such a broad-brush identification. It seems to have been repeated by so many for so long that no one bothered to look to see if there was any substance to that assertion. When I was doing research for my books, there were some sources which indicated that in very ancient times some of the descendants of Japheth lived in the region of Asia Minor and the Black Sea region.  At least some of the people of Javan have also been historically linked to the region of Greece.
There is no question that the modern European nations have descended from the numerous tribes of the Goths, Germans, Saxons, Jutes, etc. who poured into Europe from the 3rd century AD onward as they gradually destroyed and supplanted the Roman Empire. They were called “Caucasians” because they migrated via the Caucasus Mountain passes out of Asia. As you know from reading my books, the Goths, Germans, Saxons and Jutes preserved the names of the Scythian/Parthian tribes known as Gauthei, Germanii/Kermans, Sacae/Saka and Jats who were forced to migrate out of Asia when the mighty Parthian empire collapsed circa 227 BC. Armenia preserved its Parthian dynasty for long after Parthia’s fall and their related Scythian tribes by the Black Sea offered safe refuge for the displaced Parthians so the Parthians had to flee Asia via Armenia and the Black Sea region on their way to Europe. While the Greeks called the Black Sea tribes “Sacae” or “Scythians,” the Romans later called them Goths and Dacians, but they were all related tribes. My books contain massive documentation that the Scythian/Parthian tribes who migrated into Europe to found the modern European nations were the descendants of the ten tribes of Israel as they had Israelite names and customs. We also have Josephus’ testimony that the ten tribes of Israel were in his lifetime (the 1st century AD) extremely numerous and were living east of the Euphrates River (Antiquities, XI,V, 2). Secular sources confirm that the mighty Parthian Empire ruled the regions east of the Euphrates River at the time Josephus wrote his comments about the ten tribes’ location in Asia, so his record confirms the ten tribes of Israel were living in the Parthian Empire.
For anyone to prove that modern Europeans were descended from Japheth, they would need to first prove that the Goths, Germans, Saxons, Jutes, etc. who founded the modern European nations were all Japhethites. No one has attempted to do so because there is no evidence to support such a view. Wikipedia’s account simply repeats a flawed and unsubstantiated assumption. The evidence is massive that the modern European nations (and nations, like the USA and Canada, which were founded by Europeans) were descended from the ten tribes of Israel, who were all direct descendants of Shem. This means the vast majority of modern Europeans are Semites. However, there are pockets of Japhethites in Europe. For example, the Magyars/Huns were a remnant of the Japhetic people who invaded Europe with Attila the Hun and they gave their name to the modern nation of Hungary. My identifications of which modern nations are identifiable as the various tribes of Israel do not mean or imply that everyone in nations so identified is an Israelite by descent. Given past and modern migration patterns, you will find descendants of Japheth, Ham and Shem mixed together in many nations.
When one speaks of “Russia,” one is usually discussing the Russians who live west of the Urals. The Russians who live east of the Urals are clearly the descendants of Japheth. Western Russia (and such nations as the Ukraine) do have Israelites living in them due to the massive numbers of Israelites that migrated out of Asia into Europe through regions that are now part of Russia. Russia used to have a huge Jewish population and they were obviously from the Israelite tribe of Judah. Also, several waves of Semitic Israelites went eastward out of Europe back into Russia over the centuries. For example, many Nordic Scandinavians settled in the Volga River regions during the Viking times (these Nordic descendants were called “Russ” (from which Russia derived its name) or “Varangians.” There would have been massive intermixing of Russian Slavs with these Nordic immigrants over the centuries so a Semitic element surely remains in the western Russian population. However, Russia is not discernible in any of Genesis 49’s prophecies about the locations or characteristics of the nations of the ten tribes of Israel in the latter days. Also, Ezekiel 38’s prophecy about Gog and Magog’s alliance does not list a single Semitic name when discussing Russia’s latter-day population groups. The names “Magog, Meshech, Tubal and Togarmah of the north quarters” (mentioned in Ezekiel 38:1-6 and long identified as Russia by many scholars and writers) are all descendants of Japheth (Genesis 10:2-5), so the Semitic inhabitants in Russia are a distinct minority group within that nation.