Hi Steve,

Came across this interesting local article on rumored ‘White Indian’
ruins found in Georgia. Thought you’d might find it of interest.


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Bob Briggs

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Dear Bob,

Thanks for sending me this very interesting link. I discuss this wall in Georgia (and other ruins) connected to Prince Madoc’s voyage to America in my book, Israel’s Tribes Today. Those who have my book can find an in-depth examination of the North America colony founded by Prince Madoc on pages 94-116 of my book. I believe that Prince Madoc DID found an immigrant colony of “White Indians” in North America in the 12th century AD, and there is plenty of evidence to support this belief in both archaeological/historical evidence and in the oral traditions of the Cherokee Indians.

There is more than one old fortification in the American South which attest to the Welsh presence. Additionally, the Cherokee Indian oral traditions (cited by Chief Oconostota in the 1700s to Governor Sevier of Tennessee) preserved Cherokee accounts of a war between the Cherokee and the Welsh colony. This war was won by the Cherokee, and the Welsh colonists agreed to leave Cherokee lands and migrated northward up the Missouri River. The Welsh tribe was later “rediscovered” as being the Mandan Indians (the same tribe which graciously hosted the Lewis and Clark expedition). A 19th century account in the Kentucky Secretary of State’s office recorded that the Mandan Indians “spoke Welsh” and were “white men in Indian dress.” William Clark (of the Lewis and Clark expedition) noted that some of the Mandans had blue-eyes and some had blond and red hair. The French explorer, Pierre la Verendrye, noted the Mandan men grew beards, and the famous historian, George Catlin, affirmed that some Mandans were blue-eyed and didn’t look like Indians. Many sketches of the early Mandans show obviously Caucasian people in Indian dress (they are found in my above-cited book). One Mandan chief, appropriately named “Big White Man,” was described by a trader as being 6′ 10″ tall! (he was tall enough to play center in the modern NBA!). Unfortunately, the native Mandans so described were wiped out by a smallpox epidemic in 1837.

This is just some of the evidence offered in my book that indicates the original Mandan Indians were none other than the displaced descendants of Prince Madoc’s 12th century voyage to North America. It is false that “no historian” believes in pre-Columbian voyages of Old World peoples to the New World. The famous American archaeologist, the late-Dr. Cyrus Gordon, wrote in his book, Before Columbus, that ancient Hebrews/Israelites and others were present in ancient North America. Dr. Gordon’s book documented obvious physical evidence that a Jewish colony arrived in ancient North America in the 2nd century AD, and added “The Atlantic was crossed long before the Vikings, by different peoples during different centuries.” Dr. Gordon has another comment in his book that “no sensible scholar or layman” would doubt that such pre-Columbian voyages and colonies really happened. Modern “scholars”‘ and “scientists” are grievously crippled by their need to do obeisance to politically-correct, but nonsensical Evolutionary myths. They cannot be intellectually about facts which both affirm biblical narratives and document that Columbus was actually a late-comer to North America. Anyone wanting the truth about ancient North America can read the above quotes and evidence in my book, Israel’s Tribes Today.

If you can find a copy, a great deal of information about Prince Madoc’s voyage to America and his colony of “White Indians” in North America can be found in Ellen Pugh’s book, Brave His Soul.