A regional story has emerged in the Upper Midwest region which has powerful national and international repercussions. I’m able to bring this news to you only because I bought a copy of the May 26, 2024 Minneapolis Star-Tribune. The article is included as the first link. It has no establishment media by-line; it only has a local news accreditation so no one would see this article unless they read the newspaper article. The second link is about the same story and leads to the same information as in the first link, but I always like to have two sources for important information presented in anything I write.

The article reveals that a top engineer at Honeywell, Mr. Christopher Fuller, has developed a new technology which has both peacetime and military applications. Its peacetime application is delivering wireless energy over long distances. This ability could potentially recharge electric cars while they are being driven or power cargo drones in flight. This capability reminds me of the theoretical work done decades ago by Nikola Tesla about wireless energy. The military applications of this technology are very destructive. You have, no doubt, heard that bombs or missiles could deliver Electro-Magnetic Pulses (EMP) which could “fry” an enemy’s electronic and digital equipment on a  large scale. The book. One Second After, by William Forstchen, describes the possible effects of an EMP attack upon the continental USA. The book warns that perhaps 90% of Americans would be dead within a year due to the complete loss of electricity caused by an EMP attack.

The whistle-blower is revealing, as I understand it, that he had to reveal the existence of the technology so Honeywell could not sell it to foreign enemies or to bad actors who would give it to terrorists to attack Americans. The Honeywell whistle-blower is the engineer who invented this new technology. He has warned the State Department, the FBI and DARPA about this risk, according to the article so he is revealing this information as a patriotic duty. This new technology would make it possible to use down-sized EMP weapons to take out electronic/digital energy systems on a city-wide basis instead of on a national scale. If the technology is sufficiently scalable, it could be directed at a city, a military formation, a fleet of ships, etc. to destroy or disable anything that is not “hardened’ against the EMP blast. Terrorists could easily aim such a weapon at major American or European electric power-plants and disable them–creating a first class crisis for entire regions. The new Honeywell technology could theoretically be developed to deliver EMP blasts via lasers and directed-energy beams.

As an indication of the risks of letting this technology get out of American control, the article states that “two DARPA officials, who knew of the technology’s weapons potential, ‘expressed grave. concerns’ about Honeywell’s export plans.” The article also indicates that Honeywell’s new technology was far further along in its development than Honeywell was willing to admit. The whistle-blower stated that “the company had misrepresented the technology’s maturity.” Mr. Fuller also asserts that this new technology’s destructive power could be effective at ranges of hundreds and perhaps thousands of miles. Mr. Fuller opines that his new technology could be turned into deliverable weaponry within five years, and that these weapons would be “within the budgets of rogue nations and terrorist organizations to implement…potentially mass destruction”.

This is a very dangerous development. All the security and intelligence agencies of the nations now know about this new downsized EMP delivery system. I suggest that you read a copy of the aforementioned book about the mass death that would occur if the USA was attacked with EMP weapons and had no electricity for a year. I hope the US intelligence and security agencies will be guarding this technology with the extreme security it deserves!

If weaponry like this is obtained by a variety of nations, it could revolutionize global geopolitical realities. Imagine, for example, if Ukraine had this technology and started using it vs. Russian cities and military forces. What if Taiwan, a very high-tech nation, developed this technology and announced they had perfected it and would use it against Chinese fleets and cities if Taiwan was ever attacked. We don’t want to even think about such weaponry in the hands of terrorist groups.

The Bible warned that the latter days of our age would see “wars and rumors of wars” becoming commonplace (Matthew 24:6-7), and II Timothy 3:1 warns that “perilous times” would characterize the latter days. These prophecies have come true, and if you have any doubts that we are living in these biblically-prophesied times, please read my article, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days?

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