Where is modern day Assyria? 

Thank you, 
marshall kibbe

Thanks for your question. I believe the modern Assyrians are mixed with the modern Gadites in the nation of Germany. The Assyrians were very warlike, but became Semitic allies of the Parthian/Israelites after the ten tribes conquered and ruled over their former captors, fulfilling a prophecy in Isaiah 14:2. When Parthia fell, the Semitic Assyrians would have joined the great migration of the peoples from the Parthian Empire into Europe via the Caucasus Mountains.
My book, Israel’s Tribes Today, identifies the modern nation of Germany as primarily the modern Israelite tribe of Gad, as Gad was prophesied to be “overcome” by a troop, but recover and “overcome” this defeat during the latter days (Genesis 49:1, 19). Gad has to be a nation in Europe which was defeated and overcome by a troop of nations during the latter day period of time (not some time in ancient history). Germany matches this description perfectly, and the name of Isaac is also on Germany’s provinces named “Saxony.” It is my view the warlike Prussians were the European Assyrians, but the region of old Prussia was overrun in World War II and its people had to scatter westward into Germany. Moses also prophesied Gad would become a numerous people and acquire a warlike, conquering nature (Deuteronomy 33:20). This prophecy of Moses also aptly describes Germany.
Keep in mind that while the tribes of Israel were recipients of God’s Covenant promise of becoming many nations and having vast numbers of descendants (Genesis 17:4, 22:17), the Assyrians received no such promise of large population. Therefore, we should not expect the Assyrians to have large numbers of people like many of the Israelite tribes.