Shalom Steve:

 I’m very concerned with the last decision of the Obama administration in giving up before Russia, China & Iran. I’m talking about the ANTI-MISSILE SHIELD planned to be built in Poland & Czekia. I don’t know what occult reason are there in this decision. I’m from Pamplona a small town in Spain near the border of France. As a European & a westerner i’m worried about Iran since it’s willing to attack not just Israel as Ahmadinejad promised but Europe from a “secret” outpost missile launcher in Syria.

The reason to shelve the ANTI-MISSILE SHIELD is Iran is not so close to have nuclear weapons. This is not a good reason. In fact Iran is proved to have improved faster than many thought.  Many Europeans think that Iran’s only target to attack is the State of Israel but the sad reality is they want us all westerners to be attacked.

Another reason given by the Obama administration for this decision is the current planned ANTI-MISSILE SHIELD is not effective against the weapons developed by Iran (or Russia). No matter if that is true or not, Obama shouldn’t give up with this. If the ANTI-MISSILE SHIELD does not work they should make another ANTI-MISSILE SHIELD able to counter Iran’s weapons (or Russians). At least stopping the ANTI-MISSILE SHIELD should be negotiated with some type of agreement in exchange with Russia like pulling Russian troops & bases out of Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, etc…

In the Old Testament Ezekiel talks about the coalition of the Gog-Magog alliance. I can see Mesech & Tubal as Russia, Kush as Ethiopia or Afghanistan (Hindu Kush mountains) & Iran as Persia. But I can’t see China in this prophecy.In some parts of the Bible it says Sinim talking about China.

Could you explane to me where does china appear in the Gog-Magog prophecy?

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Daniel Pamplona Spain


Shalom Daniel,
Your concern as a European about the Iranian nuclear program makes sense. Iran hates the USA and the West as much or more than it does the Israelis. It calls the USA “the great Satan,” and the Israelis just “the little Satan.” It is also true that Obama seems to have gotten nothing of value in exchange for giving up the anti-missile program in Eastern Europe.
I regard China as “Gomer” in the Ezekiel prophecy about Gog, Magog, etc. Gomer is a son of Japheth (Genesis 10:2) and Japheth’s descendants were prophesied by Noah to have large populations (Genesis 9:27). Ezekiel 38:6 refers to “Gomer and all his bands” (emphasis added). This language refers to a nation with many bands or tribes of people within its borders or under its control. This describes China very well as China has many tribes or bands of people under the control of its central government. At the Beijing Olympics, China even showcased how many different “bands” or “tribes” are under Chinese control by having each one wear its respective tribal clothing during the Olympic ceremonies. If I recall correctly, the announcers said there were over 40 distinct tribes or distinct ethnic groups within China. This fits the biblical term of “bands” very well. Also, China’s status in the-Magog alliance is quite obvious as it is a strategic ally of Russia, is hostile toward the USA and is rapidly equipping its military forces to wage a successful asymmetric war against the USA (as many of my blogs have noted).
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