This blog posting is for the purpose of addressing a particular biblical subject rather than passing on informational links with prophetic implications. Long-time readers of this blog know that I periodically address economic/monetary news that indicates the prophesied fall of “Babylon the Great” is drawing nearer. Revelation 17-18 prophesy that an end-time “globalist” economic/monetary system will collapse, followed by a new globalist “beast” system. The current globalist economic system almost did collapse in September, 2008, so the world has been warned that such a global collapse could occur quite suddenly, given the right crisis.

Babylon the Great is described in Revelation 18:3 as an unholy alliance of the “kings of the earth” (the political leaders) and the “merchants of the earth” (the multinational corporations) who exploit the nations in order to lavish themselves with wealth. That describes with remarkable accuracy the “status quo” of how modern globalist corporations and governments function, so this prophecy has come true. The US dollar is the lynchpin of the current Babylon the Great system and the US Federal Reserve Board is the entity which is currently debauching the US dollar in an unprecedented manner as it (and the US government) try to bail out the Wall Street banks and other money-lending entities.

Given that the US dollar and the US Federal Reserve Board system are based in America, it is evident that America is the current headquarters of Babylon the Great. Given that Babylon the Great’s system is prophesied to fall, it begs the question: When it falls, will the USA fall with it?

While there is no way that the collapse of an American-based money-system and global commercial order will not be traumatic for Americans, there is a prophecy which argues that the USA itself will survive the collapse of Babylon the Great. Genesis 48-49 contains a prophecy about the destinies of all the tribes of Israel in the latter days. The tribe of Joseph was subdivided into the tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh (Genesis 48:8-22) and Jacob (later re-named “Israel”) gave the birthright blessings of Abraham to these two tribes. Ephraim was prophesied to become a company (or grouping) of nations in the latter days while Manasseh was prophesied to become a single great nation (verses 19). Together, these tribes were to become a “multitude” in the earth so they must be found among the larger, more prominent nations of the globe. The name of Isaac was prophesied to follow the birthright descendants of Abraham (Genesis 21:12) and Genesis 48:16 records that Isaac’s name was stamped permanently afterward on the tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh. After the ten tribes of Israel were exiled into Asia, the Persians called them the “Saka,” the Greeks called them the “Sacae,” and the Romans later called them the “Saxons.” All these names are forms of the name of the Hebrew patriarch, Isaac.” The modern Anglo-Saxons are well-known as the English-speaking nations. The USA is the single great nation of Manasseh and the British nations are the “company of nations” of Ephraim prophesied in Genesis 48:19. This prophecy has been completely fulfilled in our modern times, as the Creator God himself makes sure his biblical prophecies get fulfilled (Isaiah 41:21-26).

Genesis 49 includes prophecies for each of the tribes of Israel in the latter days, and a detailed description of these tribal locations in the modern world is contained in my book, Israel’s Tribes Today (see “books” link of this website). The destinies of Ephraim and Manasseh will be so closely linked in the latter days that Genesis 49 simply addresses their fates together under their common name as the tribe of  “Joseph” in verse 22-26. These nations are destined to have considerable wealth and national blessings, and this prophecy has certainly come to pass as well. However, notice the language of verses 22-26. It prophesies that the latter day nations of Ephraim and Manasseh will be hated and “shot at” and “grieved” by archers (enemies). The same Creator God who inspired Revelation 17-18 also inspired Genesis 48-49, and while Babylon the Great (a globalist system dominating the nations) is destined to collapse, there is no prophecy in Genesis 48-49 that either Ephraim or Manasseh will collapse in the latter days. Indeed, Genesis 49:24-25 prophesies that God will “help” and “make strong” the tribes of Joseph in the latter days when they are attacked and grieved.

The prophecy of Genesis 49 gives us hope that the modern Anglo-Saxon nations will be sustained as independent, functioning nations in the latter days by God. Unquestionably, the collapse of Babylon the Great’s system will cause major hardship and dislocation for these (and many other) nations, but Genesis 49’s prophecy would seem to contradict those modern “Jeremiahs” who say the USA will collapse and fall when Babylon the Great’s system collapses. I don’t see any such message in prophecy when I compare Revelation 17-18 and Genesis 48-49. That should give us all some hope.