On December 9, 2009, a bizarre (but beautiful) pattern of white and blue-green lights appeared in the sky over northern Norway. Initial explanations tried to attribute the light displays to a Russian rocket test which went awry, but there were Russian denials that any such test had occurred. The first link and second link below offer both narrative accounts and photos of the bizarre light displays. The third link below offers a “live” YouTube video of the changing light patterns that were witnessed by many observers.

One link below also suggests that “microwave tests of the ionosphere” might have caused the light phenomenon, but there is no confirmation of that speculation. It was certainly not any “northern lights” display. Therefore, we do not know for sure what caused these very strange visual effects in the Norwegian sky. Allow me to offer my own views on what really happened.

To begin with, I think the explanation of the failed Russian rocket test holds no water at all. A malfunctioning missile does not explode in a manner which creates beautiful, orderly, geometric patterns in the upper atmosphere. Remember when the Space Shuttle Challenger blew up when the rocket it was riding into space malfunctioned? There were no beautiful geometric patterns created at all. A microwave test in the upper atmosphere may be closer to the truth. It appears to me that the light patterns created were clearly man-made and generated by a projection machine about which mankind knows very little. You can see the projection light pattern in the blue light which focuses itself at the center of the created visual image. Was this light display a holographic projection or has mankind figured out how to manipulate light waves to create whatever images in the sky that it wants to create?

Previous blogs at this website have documented various media and technical reports that mankind is developing “invisibility” (or “cloaking”) technology which can bend light waves around objects in a manner that “hides” those real objects from view. Perhaps the reverse is true as well. Mankind may also be manipulating light waves in a manner which creates visual effects which are convincing illusions. These geometric-patterned lights over northern Norway are, in my view, obviously manmade. What is not known is did Russia, Norway, NATO or someone else generate these vast light patterns? To generate these light patterns would require the backing of a very powerful nation or entity which could provide both the funding and technology to do such a display.

Some of my archived blogs warned that mankind is developing very high-tech capabilities which, when fully revealed in the future, will appear to mankind to be “signs and wonders” in the heavens. Indeed, invisibility technology and light-modification techniques could be used to fake “miracles” (so-called “angels” appearing, people becoming alternately visible and invisible, etc.). The “return of Jesus Christ” could be faked using such deceptive light-manipulation techniques. While such techniques would not deceive the “very elect” who know their Bibles, such visual tricks could deceive everyone else on the earth (Matthew 24:24). II Thessalonians 2:1-12 prophesies that the “son of perdition” will stage some kind of “coming” in the latter days which will include “lying (faked or deceptive) wonders” which will cause many to embrace “strong delusion” and “believe a lie.”

Keep in mind when such “lying wonders” occur in the future that there are three massive differences between the “coming” of the “son of perdition” (antichrist, beast, man of sin, etc.) and the “coming” of Jesus Christ. The first difference is that the “coming” of the false messiah will come before the return of Jesus Christ. The second difference is that the “coming” of the false messiah will affirm and reinforce the human, globalist government of the beast and his vassals (Revelation 13:11-18, 17:9-18), but the “coming” of the real Jesus Christ will result in the destruction of all the human governments of the beast and the Divine execution of the top governmental and religious leaders on earth (Revelation 19:11-21). The third huge difference is that the false messiah cannot resurrect the dead saints of the past. They will be brought to life and return to rule on the earth only after the return of Jesus Christ the true Messiah (Revelation 20:1-4). If you keep these biblical facts in mind as you watch shocking future events unfold on the earth, you will not be deceived!

So what caused those bizarre, geometric lights over Norway? I think it was a test of one of the secret visual projection systems that will be used by the future global beast power to deceive mankind with “lying wonders.” I’ll bet if you focus the beams of three such systems together in one spot in the sky, you could create a very convincing 3-D holographic image (or images) that would deceive the masses into believing that something “divine” or “miraculous” was occurring when it will actually be just a high-tech trick.