Hebrew roots is new to me in the last 8 months. It certainly does change your perspective as to who you are, your role , call, destiny, purpoose etc. I understand th U.S. is Manasseh. My family came from Prussia in 1850 roughly, and the others came from Ireland and Scotland around the same time. Am I of the Assyrian or does this fit the criteria of the Germans who came to Pa. (we came to N.E. Pa. Susquehanna)and that fits the Manasseh tribe?


I am always reluctant to identify any individual’s tribal or ancestral origin because only God knows for sure how our ancestors were reckoned in his eyes. Because the Israelite tribes extensively intermarried among themselves and among the other nations they migrated with, few Israelites can know their individual tribal or ancestral origins with any certainty. We usually have to go with probabilities in our analysis. Having said that, I’ll respond to your question as best as I can!
The Prussian side of your family could easily be either of the two alternatives which you suggested: An Assyrian/Prussian origin or a Manassehite/Israelite origin. Many Manassehite Germans settled in colonial Pennsylvania (or when it was an early state after the USA was formed). You mentioned that your German/Prussian ancestors arrived in the USA in 1850 when the USA was still young which could argue for a Manassehite origin. On the other hand, in 1850 Prussia was still a distinct nation and mostly Assyrian, in my view. You may find more clues in related family names and ancestral temperaments and traits, but only God will know for sure.
You already had the two most likely options for your German ancestry accurately understood! At any rate, you live in the nation of Manasseh now.