I am enjoying reading through your material. After reading the article about the United States in Prophecy I am left with the question “What then is a gentile?” Is it those who do not belong to the tribe of Judah? Can you give me some examples of who would be considered a gentile?
Thanks and keep up the good work!

Thanks for your positive comments about my website. Technically, a “gentile” in the Bible is someone who is not reckoned as being a member of any of the tribes of Israel. While the Jews realize they are the tribe of Judah, many millions of people in the modern world think they are gentiles but they are actually Israelites who are descended from the ten tribes of Israel who went into exile and never returned to the old Promised Land. Hosea 1:10 prophesied these tribes would greatly increase their populations after they went into exile, and Josephus (see Antiquities, XI. V, 2) wrote he knew the ten tribes were in Asia in his lifetime in the first century AD and that the Israelite tribes had already by then grown so huge in population that they couldn’t be counted. The Israelites didn’t “die out,” but rather they increased greatly in population just as Hosea 1:10 promised. Josephus identified the geography of the Parthian Empire as the location of the ten tribes in his lifetime, and my book, Parthia–the Forgotten Ancient Superpower, gives the wide variety of evidence that documents the Israelite origin of the Parthians.