I’m sure most readers are familiar with the expression: “A picture is worth a thousand words.” To expand upon that axiom, a moving picture can be worth ten thousand words. So it is with the video link below, which was sent to me by a friend. I thought I would pass it on to readers of my blog as its information had a big impact on me.

The link shows video footage of what is now the reality of some Paris streets due to the influx of numerous Islamic immigrants. Obviously, this is not happening on all Paris streets as I’m sure the Parisian authorities will try to keep these street conditions away from those sectors of Paris that tourists frequent. After watching this video, I think you’ll realize why the British voted for their recent Brexit vote to leave the EU. A majority of the British voters likely didn’t want parts of London and British cities to start looking like the Parisian street scenes you’ll see on this video.

American readers can take little comfort in the thought that “At least it isn’t happening here.” If Hillary Clinton is elected as president, she has pledged to increase Islamic immigration into the USA. If she is elected, what you see on the video may be coming to American cities as well.

This video vividly depicts fulfillment of the prophecy in Deuteronomy 28:43 that the “strangers” (foreigners) within the nations that forget God and his laws will get “higher” than the host populations of the nations which admitted them into their lands. The entire western world has forgotten God and his laws even thought it was a faith in God and a culture built on biblical laws which made the western nations great. Now they have forgotten God and they are gullibly making decisions and implementing policies that are utterly self-destructive. Admitting so many Islamic immigrants who refuse to assimilate into host nations is a kind of slow-motion cultural suicide that is beginning to unfold all over Europe. Some European nations are beginning to wake up to their dangerous situation, but many are not. This situation can only have a bad ending.

I have a question that I’d ask if I lived in Europe. When NATO or European ships rescue Islamic immigrants heading for Europe on all kinds of rafts, dinghies, etc., why do they continue to take them to European ports? Why don’t they give them essential food, water and medicine and simply return them to the Turkish and North African shores from which they embarked? Such action, if implemented, would prevent the current problem inside Europe from growing steadily worse.