Mr. Collins,

Thank you for your Christian works expanding and refining our knowledge in the church. I wanted to know your belief concerning a Christian’s biblical position and being politically active, voting and election, and supporting candidates and parties that espouse and promote our values? Do you have any literature on the subject you can direct me to? I voted in last years presidential election because I saw what Obama was bringing down the pike, but I would like to substantiate my convictions by the bible, if such is the case. I want to know if my beliefs are biblically amiss. Thank you.

Issac Lopez


Dear Isaac Lopez,

Thanks for your question which asked about Christians being politically active and what they can do in modern political life. I vote regularly myself as it is a right given to us by God in our national Constitution. I do have an article on this very subject available at my website. It is entitled “Christian Rights and Citizenship Responsibilities,” and it can be read at the Articles link at my homepage. To save time, the direct link to it is enclosed in this response.