hello steve…

some friends and I where talking over dinner last night and we got on to your new book and how great it is…and found out that everyone at the table owned it…well to make a long story short we got on to your blog and was talking about the end times…and the main question was this GREAT WOUND…that the beast will have…that was healed and it must be a something huge for the world to be shocked and amazed that it was healed and that the beast nation over came such a wound…do you have any idea what it might be…is it economic???could it be the old russia that fell and now it is back up and getting stronger by the day?? are might it be what we all thought a war wound are major attack buy osama kind of group? for GOD to call it a GREAT WOUND…means it must be somethig HUGE…GOD  would not use the word GREAT unless it was just huge…My friends and I would greatly appreciate your input on this MR.Collins… thans you for your time and again  for your great books and blog…


Thank you for your question. I’m impressed that everyone in your discussion group already owned some of my books.
Your question applies to Revelation 13:1-5 where there is a prophecy that “seven heads and ten horns” will usher in the arrival of the final “beast” power which will reign on the earth for a mere 42 months. These are the same “seven heads and the ten horns” mentioned in Revelation 17-18 which will overthrown the current global monetary/economic system called “Babylon the Great” in the Bible. You are correct that one of these “seven heads and ten horns” will have to recover from some kind of horrible national “wound.” This “wound” would, I think, have to occur during the latter days or very recently in our modern history in order for it to be a meaningful clue for people reading the scriptures in the latter days. You are also correct that the “healing” of this national wound will need to be an unexpected or globally-acclaimed event of some kind. It must be a global event for the world to “wonder” at the healing of this wound.
Keep in mind that only one of the seven heads and ten horns will be terribly wounded and healed so remarkably, so we need to look for a modern nation which has recovered from a mortal “wound” of some kind. I think one major clue is that the seven heads and ten horns are nations which are angry at the Babylon the Great financial/monetary system so it needs to be a nation which is active among those angry at Wall Street/the Federal Reserve Board and which is trying to topple the US dollar as the global reserve currency and replace it with a new financial unit. Russia fits both categories and the USSR also broke up into many nations “when the Cold War ended.” However, the collapse of the USSR was a voluntary dissolution (some would say “planned” to dupe the West) which was not imposed on the USSR by any hostile invasion or “wound” of warfare. The USSR dissolved itself in a very bloodless and peaceful manner.
I think the nation with the “deadly wound” which is “healed” during the latter days is Germany. At the end of World War II, Germany was dismembered into four sectors after it was horribly “wounded to death” by allied military bombings. Many of Germany’s cities were turned to rubble. Being “dismembered” as a nation is a horrible (and usually mortal) national wound. No nation on earth was so horribly “wounded” in World War II. The other two members of the Axis alliance (Italy and Japan) were not “dismembered” as Germany was. Italy and Japan stayed in one piece. However, Germany was literally ripped apart as a nation by the Allied military forces. Many never expected Germany to “rise again” or ever again be a force in international geopolitics. Three of the pieces of post-war Germany were gradually put back together to form West Germany but Germany (and its capital, Berlin) remained “cut in half” until the “Iron Curtain” through Germany came down suddenly and the “Berlin Wall” portion of the”Iron Curtain” fell as well. The world “wondered” at the speed with which West and East Germany came back together into one nation, and it “wondered” at the joy of the Berliners who joined together to knock down the Berlin Wall from both sides. I recall the live media coverage of this event as it was so extraordinary! Germany is also one of the nations which is angry at the reckless financial excesses of Wall Street and the US Federal Reserve Board. German Prime Minister Merkel has personally and publicly criticized the US Federal Reserve Board. Germany is also among the nations reportedly calling for a new reserve currency to replace the US dollar (the reigning global currency unit of modern “Babylon the Great”). Germany has not only recovered to be one contiguous nation again, but it has also recovered politically and economically as well.
I’m delighted that you are enjoying my blogs.