Here’s something else I thought of–aren’t there going to be a
couple of different giant earthquakes during the tribulation?  What a
horrible scenario if there was a huge earthquake AND it triggered a
doomsday nuclear system.


Hi Susana,
You bring up a good point. There are very huge (indeed, global) earthquakes which are prophesied to occur in the latter days.  Isaiah 2:18-20, Ezekiel 38:20, Revelation 11:13 and other scriptures all assert this). Such vast earthquakes would make all sensors think nuclear explosions were occurring everywhere. To whatever extent communication links with “fail-safe” mechanisms were also severed by unprecedented earthquakes, this could also fool doomsday systems into thinking no leadership decision-makers were still alive. If links to radiation sensors are also severed, the doomsday systems could activate themselves. We don’t know what safety mechanisms are built into these systems, but the risk you cited is worth passing on to other readers.