Hi Steve

In regards to the Lourdes Listening Station, can you tell us how you
think it might fit into a Russian strategy for a surprise attack and
invasion of the U.S.?

I would assume that, after the attack had begun, it would make it very
difficult for us (the citizenry anyhow) to mount any kind of a
resistance with them listening.  Would it make it possible for them to
disrupt or scramble any shortwave or am radio transmissions as well?
Would this give them broadcasting capability, into the U.S.?

Thanks for the time you put into this blog site!


Dear Susana,
Thanks for your question about the Lourdes listening station which Russia is apparently about to reactivate in Cuba. This Russian facility for monitoring all forms of communications in the USA will be useful to Russia as long as there are electronic communications in the USA to monitor. However, it has long been a Russian war-fighting strategy to initiate a war with the USA by “frying” our electronic communications and infrastructure systems with electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) weapons. If such weapons are exploded over continental North America, there will very likely be no electronic communications to monitor within the USA (except for military systems which are “hardened” against EMP weaponry and which could conceivably still be functioning).
I have an idea how the Lourdes listening station could play a part in the prophesied Gog-Magog invasion of North America. Knowing that they will be using EMP weapons vs. the USA, Russia and its allies must realize that there is a very good chance these same weapons will be used against them by the US military. According to what a military source told me over two decades ago, the old vacuum-tube technologies once used in pre-electronic era radios and communications systems are not vulnerable to EMP weaponry. If Russia equips all its military forces with vacuum-tube back-ups, their forces will still be able to communicate with each other and coordinate their military forces via this old technology. If the Lourdes listening station is equipped with both electronic and vacuum-tube technologies, it can continue to serve as a communications center for invading Gog-Magog forces even if EMP weapons have been used. For this reason, US forces should bomb it quickly whenever this future war occurs.
The US Air Force source mentioned about told me about an incident which occurred in the old Cold War era decades ago which I will share as it is now so dated. I was told that our intelligence people laughed when they captured a new model of a Soviet jet fighter and were able to reverse engineer it and learned that it included then-dated vacuum tube technologies in its avionics package. They quit laughing when they later realized that the reason the Russian engineers included vacuum-tube technologies in this fighter was to enable it to continue flying even if EMP weapons were exploded. US warplanes were not then “hardened” against EMP blasts and all US warplanes would have fallen out of the skies when their solid-state avionics packages would have been “fried” by an EMP blast, but Russian planes would have continued to fly. Presumably, all US military weaponry is now “hardened” against EMP blasts, but American civilian technologies are still very vulnerable to EMP blasts as far as I know. I’ve done at least one previous blog about the risks posed by EMP weapons to the US civilian infrastructures. A Congressional Committee also warned about this danger, but apparently our officialdom in Washington, DC is still ignoring it.