I thought turkey was from the house of beth-Togarmah?If this is not so then who is beth-Togarmah?




Dear Al,
I do not believe that the Turks are descended from the house of Togarmah. The centuries-long name of Turkey’s predecessor empire, the Ottomans, preserves the name of Teman, one of the most prominent clans of the Edomites (Genesis 36:15 and 34). Ezekiel 38 also gives us a strong clue regarding the location of the house of Togarmah in the latter days (our modern time). Ezekiel 38:6 refers to the “house of Togarmah” as being an ally of the Gog-Magog alliance, but the text adds that Togarmah’s descendants will live in “the north quarters.” This indicates that Togarmah must live in the northernmost region of the nations composing the Gog-Magog alliance. I would look for Togarmah in such regions as Siberia, Mongolia, etc.