Dear Steve,

Hello Mr. Collins. I just found your webside by default and sence I’m interrested in the 10 lost tribes I started to read some of your stuff. It never fails to surprise me that I never find anything about modern Canada. I’m an Immegrant from Austria and not schooled in the english ,so you will have some difficulty with my spelling. Can you lead me to something you wrote on Canada ? and also why is there such a lack on good Christians or Messianic teachings. Is this Land so obscure?



Hello Annaliese,
I’d be happy to respond to your questions. Canada is identified in my writings and books about the ten tribes of Israel as one of the “company of nations” of the tribe of Ephraim. Genesis 48:14-20 records the prophecy that Manasseh, the older son of Joseph would become a single great nation and Ephraim, the younger son of Joseph, would become a multitude (or group) of nations.” The British nations (Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand) are the group of nations which constitutes Ephraim in the modern world. Their “brother” Anglo-Saxon nation, the USA, is the single great nation of Manasseh. Whenever Ephraim is mentioned in my writings, Great Britain gets most of the publicity as they are the homeland of the British people, but Canada and the other British nations are included in any description of Ephraim. My book, Israel’s Tribes Today, goes into this subject in great depth. It is available for purchase on-line at You may also read my article on “Ephraim and Manasseh” in the articles link at this website or listen to my audio messages at the “speeches” link at this website for additional information.
If you wish to listen to an audio message in Messianic/Hebrew Roots format, a two-part audio message on the history of the ten tribes is also available at the “speeches” link at my website. For more Messianic information and contacts, I’ll also refer you to two Messianic websites. You can go to and contact Ben and Allen (both valued friends of mine) for more Messianic information. You can also contact Bob (another valued Messianic friend) at They should be able to lead you to additional Messianic/Hebrew Roots information and websites.