Steven Collins
November 2, 2007
In a flurry of reports released through the media on October 31, it was revealed that Western military forces have been developing techniques to make weaponry “invisible” (three links on this subject are included below). In Great Britain, observers were unable to see a British tank advancing across a field because the tank was outfitted with this new technology. One link below depicts how an Israeli tank would look if half of it were “cloaked” with this invisibility technology. Another link mentions this “invisibility” technology is being funded by the USA’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) as well as Great Britain’s Ministry of Defense (MoD).
Not only is this a remarkable technological advance, but the public release of this information at this time is also noteworthy. Let’s examine the technology first. The British tank witnessed in this experiment must have been a prototype as the Daily Mail  link mentions that British tanks would be deployed with this invisibility technology by perhaps 2012. Reportedly, this technology uses “cameras and projectors to beam images of the surrounding landscape onto a tank.” In the field test with the British tank, one does wonder if the camera and projectors were mounted on the tank or if projectors located elsewhere beamed images of background landscape onto a reflective surface mounted on the tank itself. The former would have to be the case in order to make the technology useful in an attack mode against enemies. The Telegraph  link notes that this technology is also planned for deployment on individual soldiers, making troops invisible to an enemy as well. One can see some limitations though. Tanks equipped with the technology might be invisible in normal light, but the heat signature of the tank would still show up in an infra-red sight. The depiction of an Israeli tank in the FoxNews link also graphically makes the point that the sand and dirt thrown up by the tank’s treads would still be visible. Soldiers would also, presumably, still be visible to heat-sensing imagery devices.
However. the above technology may only be a public hint at a much more “high-tech” form of invisibility: a true “cloaking” device similar to that used by Romulan (and I might add) Klingon vessels in Star-Trek films. Such a cloaking device would not be dependent on bulky cameras and mirrors, but rather on simply “refract[ing] light in ways not found in nature.” Indeed, the Telegraph link states that this “has already been done [as] “Researchers at Duke University in the US have already built a material that works for radar.” Obviously, the extent of the developed technology surely must be much more advanced than what is being publicly revealed. The USA alone spends immense sums of money on “black” projects funded by DARPA and other groups. What might be the real state of development of an “invisibility” technology? Let’s do some informed speculating.
Recently, the nations were amazed that Israeli warplanes (most likely with some American assistance) were able to penetrate deep into Syria and destroy a secret facility which, arguably, was a nuclear weapons plant being built in Syria with North Korean help (see my earlier blog on this subject in the archives of this blog). This apparent Israeli penetration was done in spite of the fact that the Russians (and perhaps Iranians) had provided Syria with Russia’s latest anti-aircraft missile defenses which were presumed to be capable of acquiring, tracking and shooting down Israeli and other Western warplanes. Indeed, Iran also has the latest Russian anti-aircraft defensive systems and it may be that Russian technicians may be operating the defensive systems now placed in Iran and Syria. However, the raid was so successful that, reportedly, the Syrian facility was destroyed without the loss of a single Israeli warplane. Some reports indicated the state-of-the-art Russian defensive systems couldn’t even “see” the attacking Israeli aircraft. In light of the new reports that Western militaries are working on “invisibility” or “cloaking” technology for Western weaponry, could some Western warplanes already be equipped with “cloaking” devices? Given that the latest Russian anti-aircraft systems were unable to locate or defend against the attacking Israeli aircraft, and given that Western militaries have now demonstrated that they are working on “invisibility” technology, this possibility must be considered.
If so, high-performance aircraft wouldn’t achieve invisibility with any externally-mounted cameras and projectors. The wind resistance of high-speed jet fighters would rip such equipment off very quickly and such external mounts would cause enemy radars to detect any such plane quickly. Therefore, if the attacking Israeli aircraft were equipped with a new kind of “cloaking” device, they also had to be consistent with current “stealth” designs to avoid radar detection. This implies that these warplanes were equipped with a new kind of technology on their outside surfaces which would both avoid radar detection and avoid being “seen” visually via a new light-refraction system. I’m no military genius, but such radical new technology would not likely be compatible with the airframes of known warplanes such as the F-16s or F-15’s currently used in the Israeli Air Force or even with the airframe of the USA’s new F-22 Raptor. If this strikingly successful raid was carried out with “cloaked” aircraft, they were most likely a brand new kind of aerial machine. After all, since no one could detect or see them, no one can confirm that they were actually F-16’s, F-15’s, etc. Was this raid carried out by a radically new kind of aerial machine with “cloaking” devices?
The USA and Israeli leaders have been very close-lipped about any specifics involved with this raid. In truth, since no one actually witnessed the aircraft involved in the raid, there is no independent confirmation that Israeli aircraft were even involved in the raid. That could be a “cover story” acceptable to both the American and Israeli governments. Was the raid carried out with new “cloaked” warplanes developed by DARPA and other secret Western agencies? The fact that a public demonstration of a new and secret “invisibility” technology on a moving British tank was released soon after the raid on Syria may give us a further clue as to why this new technology is being revealed now.
I assume that all readers of this blog are aware of numerous media stories that the USA may be about to attack Iran’s nuclear weapons facilities. It is known that Israel is considering such an attack and even France’s new leader, Nicloas Sarkozy, has broadly hinted of a military attack upon Iran if they do not give up their nuclear programs. The US military (and especially its ground forces) are already overstretched and cannot take on another land war in Iran. Therefore, it is best if the Iranians (and their Russian nuclear suppliers) could be convinced it was in their best interests to voluntarily stop Iran’s nuclear programs. The air attack on a Syrian nuclear facility utilizing a mysterious ability on the part of Israeli and/or Western aircraft to defeat Russian anti-aircraft technologies could have been a message to Russia and Iran that the same thing will happen to Iran’s nuclear facilities if Iran persists in its efforts to make nuclear weapons. The timely release of information that western militaries are developing “invisibility” cloaks for Western weaponry may have been a further part of an effort to induce Iran (and Russia) to stand down on Iran’s nuclear projects because Iran’s nuclear facilities are protected by the same Russian anti-missile systems which could not protect Syria’s facility from destruction. After all, diplomacy works best if it has some “teeth” behind it.
If the USA (with perhaps Israeli, French and other Western forces) attacks and eliminates or cripples Iran’s nuclear facilities, it may publicly unveil a new kind of aircraft in its military inventory. Remember, the F-117 “stealth” fighter was first unveiled to the public during the first Persian Gulf War. The same kind of unveiling might occur in an attack upon Iran. It just depends on the extent to which Western militaries wish to reveal how far their weapons technology has progressed.
If Iran is attacked, it will temporarily benefit the West, but anything destroyed can be rebuilt with help from Iran’s allies: Russia, China and North Korea. It would also cause Iran to thirst for vengeance against the USA and the West and it would drive Iran even deeper into the embrace of the Russian bear and the Chinese dragon (something Russia and China would welcome). Ezekiel 38 prophesies that Russia, China and Iran will lead an alliance which will eventually attack against the USA and the western world (in which the modern descendants of the ten tribes of “Israel” now reside).
It is obvious to all that the militaries of the USA and its NATO allies have been greatly reduced since the “end of the Cold War.”
The mysteriously-successful raid against a supposedly-secret Syrian-North Korean nuclear facility in Syria and the sudden unveiling and acknowledgment of a new “invisibility” technology in Western military forces could be intended to be a warning by the USA and the West to Russia, China and Iran that the USA and the West are not as weak as they think. Indeed, the West may have weapons systems that are far beyond the technological development of the Eastern bloc headed by Russia, China and Iran. The West’s limited unveiling of a new “invisibility” cloak combined with the successful raid against Syria utilizing mysterious technologies may have been intended to provide the West with some “deterrence” against the rising militarism of Russia, China and Iran. After all, deterrence only works if your enemies know you have superior weaponry available to use against them. The raid into Syria proved to Russia, China and Iran that the Western alliance has more military capacities than the Eastern alliance realized. The newly-revealed field test of an “invisibility” cloak around a British tank could be an additional effort at deterrence.
Intelligence officers in Russia, China and Iran will be wondering if an invisibility technology was used against Syria in the aerial raid. They will ask questions like: “Was the invisibility cloak around the British tank just developed recently or was it merely a display of an experimental level of the technology as it existed ten years ago? After all, the technology would have to be far more advanced to be useable on a warplane. Or is this all a “disinformation” campaign? At any rate, the West has more deterrence now than it had a few months ago. The Eastern alliance must now be wondering if the USA and the West already have inventories of secret “cloaked” weaponry about which the Eastern alliance previously knew nothing. That may be exactly what the West wants them to be thinking at this critical time when something has to be done re: Iran’s nuclear weapons program.,2933,306678,00.html