I have being reading scriptures that point to the hebrews being so called black, is this true? scriptures like Isiah 11:11 and in the psalms etc…    I also read several places online that the slaves in the trans atlantic trade are part of the lost tribes. can you give some insight to this.    thanks
Dear Patrick,

It is my viewpoint that many of the descendants of Ham Including Mizraim (Egypt), Cush, Phut and Canaan settled in Africa, so most people of African descent would be Hamite. Other Hamites also migrated to the Indian subcontinent.

I believe Isaiah 11:11 is a reference to the fact that God would widely scatter the Israelites among all the nations of the world (Genesis 28:14, Daniel 9:7). For example, Egypt and Cush (mentioned in Isaiah 11:11) are Hamite nations, but Assyria and Elam are Semitic nations.