In an editorial (see first link below), the Washington Times called for remedial measures to stop what it calls the “shady dealings at the central bank.” It cites a GAO report which “found a lack of transparency at the Federal Reserve” which the Times called “putting it mildly.” The GAO report focused on the “long list of characters appearing on the boards of both the regional Fed Reserve Banks and the banks bailed out by the Fed.” It cites one egregious example of a conflict of interest where the Chairman of the New York Fed was a board member (and shareholder) of Goldman Sachs at a time when the Fed granted a banking status change to Goldman Sachs which benefited Goldman Sachs and its shareholders. Isn’t this a classic example of the types of insider trading and conflicts of interest that used to get people put in prison?

A brief “glimpse behind the curtains of the highly secretive organization [the Fed]” came as a result of joint action by GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul and Independent Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont. What is really needed is a forensic audit of all Fed actions going back decades to find whatever manipulative and self-dealing actions have been done inside the Fed to the detriment of the USA and its people. Rep. Paul had a bill in Congress to conduct an audit of the Fed, but so far Congress has been derelict in not implementing a thorough audit of the Fed—an entity which has immense power over the USA but which has no meaningful accountability to anyone.

Speaking of Goldman Sachs, you may have noticed another director of Goldman Sachs was just arrested for insider trading (see second link).

Furthermore, there is a growing amount of anger in Europe over the responsibility of the US Fed and Wall Street firms such as Goldman Sachs for the global financial crisis and the Greek Eurozone traumas. The third link details that German Prime Minister Angela Merkel and US Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke are at loggerheads on this issue, and PM Merkel is increasingly speaking for all of the Eurozone as Germany has the whip hand in solving the Greek debt crisis and the threat it poses to the stability of the EU and the Euro itself. The Eurozone nations are increasingly angry at Goldman Sachs because Goldman Sachs helped Greece deceive the other Eurozone nations about the real extent of the Greek debt crisis (see fourth link). The fifth link and sixth link document that even back in 2010 European nations were in the process of “blacklisting” Goldman Sachs because of its dishonesty in the Greek debt crisis.

How does that affect us in the USA? Quite a bit actually. When the global financial crisis hit in 2008, then President Bush’s Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Paulson, a former head of Goldman Sachs, was the main force in strong-arming Congress to yield control of much of the nation’s finances to the US Secretary of the Treasury. This has resulted in massive bailouts for Wall Street and big financial corporations, but Main Street has gotten mere crumbs from the US government. The current Secretary of the Treasury, Tim Geithner, used to be the President of the New York Fed, which in my opinion, confirms that the Fed, Goldman Sachs and the large mega-banks have effectively taken over the US Department of the Treasury so it serves the interests not of the United States of America people and its Main Street businesses, but rather the interests of the “insider” crony capitalists on Wall Street.

It is with interest that I notice that Herman Cain has pulled into a tie with Mitt Romney in the polls for the GOP presidential nomination. The establishment media has referred to Mr. Cain as a pizza magnate, but it has virtually blacked out the fact that Mr. Cain is a former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board Kansas City region (see last link)! No one gets into such an exalted position within the Federal Reserve Board unless they are a trusted establishment insider of the current Babylon the Great system. If Herman Cain, a former top leader of the Fed (the beating heart of the Babylon the Great system) became president of the USA, it would mean that the Federal Reserve Board had effectively placed one of its own into the White House, finalizing and completing the take-over of the US government by the Federal Reserve Board. Mr. Cain will make statements that will sound appealing to gullible conservatives and Christians, but consider Jesus Christ’s warning in Matthew 7:20 that “by the fruits you shall know them.” Mr. Cain’s “fruits” are that he has been a top insider in the current global Babylon the Great system, which is utterly condemned by God in Revelation 17-18 and is destined to be overthrown by a new “beast” power in the future ahead of us. Because of Cain’s close insider ties to the Federal Reserve Board, I’d support Romney instead of Cain if they become the two finalists for the GOP nomination.

Revelation 17-18 foretell that an entity composed of “seven heads and ten horns” will overthrow the current Babylon the Great system dominated by the US dollar and the Federal Reserve Board (which essentially creates fantasy dollars out of a bottomless pit and pumps them into the global financial system where they become “real” dollars). Revelation 17-18 describe the latter-day global financial system of Babylon the Great as being unbelievably corrupt. Seven heads and ten horns add up to 17 entities of some kind which will be angry enough at the Fed and the US dollar to overthrow its global dominance. The Eurozone nations are composed of 17 nations, and they are increasingly angry at the Fed, Goldman Sachs and Wall Street in general. Hmm. That is worthy food for thought.