The world has just witnessed the unveiling of a new super-weapon. An incredibly sophisticated and dangerous malware program called Stuxnet is being analyzed by global experts to determine its full capabilities and its intended target. According to the first link below, this “cyber super weapon” has already been unleashed and the world is waiting to see what its target was when that target self-destructs.

Stuxnet is a super-malware program designed to attack and shut down specifically-targeted large infrastructure targets such as chemical or electrical plants, nuclear facilities, etc. One noteworthy feature of this cyber-weapon is that it is not spread by internet connections, but rather via portable USB devices. One German researcher calls Stuxnet a “military-grade cyber missile.” Evidence indicates that its ultra-sophistication means that it was designed by a nation state with high technological/cyber-hacking skills. The links below identify Iran’s Bushehr nuclear reactor facility as one possible target of the Stuxnet cyber-missile, and the USA and Israel would have the means and motive to wield such a cyber-weapon to shut down Iran’s nuclear program in a stealthy way without a need to resort to a military attack. The third link below, from Al Jazerra, reports that “not only has Buhshehr been infected, but so have numerous other industrial sites all over Iran.” This report adds weight to the belief that Iran is the intended target of this cyber-weapon. By attacking numerous industrial sites all over Iran, this cyber-attack would also cripple the secret Iranian nuclear facilities which are hidden deep under Iranian mountians to make them all but impossible to attack. These secret Iranian sites were discussed in a previous blog post at this website.

However, this is speculative. Russia and China also have very sophisticated cyber-hacking skills, and could also be the originators of Stuxnet.

The second link warns that Stuxnet could be a “false flag” operation designed to convince a particular nation that it has been attacked by another nation when, in fact, the attacker was a third nation trying to foment a war between two other nations.  Another “false flag” possibility is that Stuxnet could be used by a nation state to stage an attack on the infrastructure of a nation and make it look like a terrorist attack. Let’s hope that no such “false flag” operation hits the USA’s power grid just prior to the November elections to jeopardize and/or delay the November elections in the USA.

Stuxnet has reportedly “infected at least 45,000 industrial control system around the world.” Iran, Pakistan, India and Indonesia have had their computer systems hit by this new cyber-weapon, but systems in Germany, Canada and the USA have been infected too. Circumstantial evidence that Iran’s Bushehr reactor is the target of Stuxnet is found in Iran’s decision to delay the start-up of this reactor for unknown reasons. Was it targeted by a Stuxnet cyber-attack which shut down or destroyed its internal systems? We do not know. The German researcher who is reverse-engineering the Stuxnet cyber-weapon is quoted as saying: “we can expect that something will blow up soon…something big.” Perhaps Stuxnet is programmed to destroy its target on a certain date that is built into its programming. If so, perhaps it is “ticking” down to its intended use date even now.

I wish to thank two readers for tipping me off to this story. You can find many more Internet stories on this subject by doing a websearch for Stuxnet. One final thought: Have you heard about this critically-new super-weapon on any of the network news programs yet?

Revelation  13:4 prophesies that when the beast power is revealed on earth, the nations will say “Who is able to make war with him?” This strongly indicates that the beast power will unveil new weaponry that has not previously been used (or perhaps even conceived). Stuxnet cyber-missiles could be one such weapon. Nations will “fall into line” if the beast power can infect the major infrastructure systems of nations with Stuxnet “cyber-weapons” which can destroy nations’ vital infrastructures if they do not cooperate with the beast power. Since 45,000 industrial control systems already have been infected with Stuxnet malware, maybe the globe’s major infrastructure systems are being penetrated right now with Stuxnet cyber-weapons which can be activated in the future to bring all nations to heel. Now there is some apocaplyptic food for thought.