Steven Collins
October, 23, 2008

Most readers are, no doubt, familiar with the prophecy of the Apostle Paul in II Timothy 3:1 that in the latter days “perilous times will come.” Since the events of 9/11, Americans have largely lost an awareness that terrible terrorist attacks could happen again. However, an event has recently occurred which indicates that a band of pirates may have inadvertently prevented a major terrorist attack involving a radioactive “dirty bomb” attack against the Israelis or another western target.

The first link below, from the World Tribune website, reports that, on August 21, a group of pirates hijacked an Iranian ship which “carried sealed containers of a powdery substance believed to be nuclear or chemical weapons agents.” The ship belonged to the “state-owned Islamic Republic of Iran shipping lines” so Iran’s ruling officials had to know what was on that ship. This link reports that “at least 16 pirates died” after being exposed to “nuclear or chemical weapons agents,” and adds that cargo manifests on such Iranian ships are often falsified “to hide the identity of end users.” The Iranian ship was loaded at a Chinese port, and was scheduled to pass through the Suez Canal and arrive in Amsterdam. Since this sensitive cargo was loaded in China, the Chinese authorities also had to know what was being loaded on that Iranian ship. The second link, from Wikipedia, gives another perspective on this hijacking and states that the pirates who opened one of the containers on the Iranian ship quickly died with symptoms including hair loss and skin burns. The Wikipedia article observes that these symptoms are “more like radiation poisoning than chemical poisoning.”

A third link, sent to me by a reader of my blogs, is from a blogsite which claims that the Iranian ship was loaded with “radioactive sand from China” and that it was intended to be a radioactive “dirty bomb” which would have been exploded off the Mediterranean coast of Israel after passing through the Suez Canal. If this analysis is correct, this attack would have sent a radioactive cloud over the Israeli nation, killing and injuring many. I must issue a disclaimer that I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the information in this third link, but I find it sufficiently plausible that I am including it for readers of this blog to evaluate it and form their own conclusions. Adding to its plausibility is the fourth link, from FoxNews, which reports that “top officials” in Iran are considering striking at the Israelis first instead of waiting for an initial Israeli strike against Iran. A radioactive dirty bomb, exploded off the Israeli coast, would certainly have served as an Iranian “first strike” against the Israelis from an unexpected direction..

You may form your own opinions regarding this incident involving radioactive materials supplied by China to an Iranian ship due to pass close to Israel’s western coast. This story has so far been “hushed up” by the western mainstream media, but the third link below claims to have obtained additional information about this incident from “Russian sources.” What seems uncontested is that the Iranian ship had links to the official Iranian government and that it was loaded with a toxic cargo in China. Pirates who opened one of the toxic containers died quickly of symptoms typical of radiation poisoning. These facts alone indicate that this ship may have been intended to be blown up in a western port city as a mass-casualty terrorist attack. The target could have been the Israeli coast or even the city of Amsterdam itself, where it was scheduled to arrive. If this was its intended purpose, it strongly fingers China and Iran as working together with terrorists to attack either an Israeli or Western European target. A very sobering implication of this event is that if China and Iran were working together to perpetrate a massive terrorist attack against a western target, it raises such questions as: Will they do it again? Have they done so in the past already? What coastal port city could be the next target? It would seem to be a difficult thing for western intelligence agencies to prevent a nondescript merchant vessel filled with radioactive, chemical, or biological weapons from being blown up in a port city. If this was such an attempt, the “chance” occurrence of some Somali pirates messing up this terrorist plan would appear to be downright “Providential” (Zechariah 12:2-3 comes to mind).

The Apostle Paul was right when he prophesied that the latter days would be a “perilous” time. As readers of this blog already know, Ezekiel 38 prophesies that Russia, China, Iran and other nations will form an alliance which will ultimately launch a coordinated, military attack against the USA, NATO, the Israelis and their allies in the latter days of this age. This report of Chinese-Iranian cooperation in a possible mass-casualty attack against the Israelis or the West should serve as a “wake up call” to western governments about China’s real intentions. I’m sure the Mossad will evaluate this event very intensively, given that the Israeli coast was the most likely target for this attack.

I’ll offer some purely personal speculation re: the ramifications of this event. We know that Russia had “suitcase nukes” for use against American targets in the “old Cold War” days. If Russia had that technology decades ago, you can be sure other nations, including the Israelis, can also make “suitcase nukes.” Given China’s undeniable role in this apparent, “near-miss” terrorist attack vs. the Israelis, perhaps a secret Israeli contact will be made with Chinese officials in the future, informing them that China and Iran will be jointly held responsible for any such future attack upon the Israelis and that the Mossad has already pre-placed several “packages” near/inside extremely sensitive Chinese targets (such as the Three Gorges Dam, the Forbidden City, etc.) which will be detonated by remote signal if any such terrorist attack ever occurs against the Israelis. Those “packages” will have “self-destruct” mechanisms built into them to detonate themselves in the event they are tampered with in any way. None of this would ever be officially admitted or reported, of course.

Indeed, the world has wondered for some time how the Israelis might attack the Iranian nuclear facilities if Israel decides it has to do so to stop Iran from gaining nuclear weapons. Most speculation focuses on an air strike or missile strike. Perhaps neither will be needed. Perhaps we will simply hear one day that a “nuclear accident” has blown up an Iranian nuclear facility. China and Iran aren’t the only nations which can ship deadly cargos to other nations. If I were running the Mossad, I’d have already arranged for certain “packages” to be embedded and hidden within the Iranian facilities while they were being constructed, waiting for an detonation signal which might have to be sent some day. Why risk fighter aircraft and valuable pilots when a nuclear facility can be taken out far easier with a little advance planning. If a “package” detonates at an Iranian facility, the Israelis would also have plausible deniability about the event.

China and Iran are apparently playing a deadly game. Although the general publics of the western world will not be told, the intelligence services of the western world now all know what toxic Chinese cargo was inside that Iranian ship that was due to pass close to Israeli ports after it transited the Suez Canal. Western intelligence services can also play the same deadly game with Iran and China. China and Iran risk “reaping” what they intended to “sow.” I also suspect that such nations as Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Iraq will realize that the Iranian ship, if detonated into a radioactive cloud, might also have done much damage in their nations as the prevailing winds carried such a cloud into Sunni Arab nations. This incident may also make Sunni Arab nations more willing to grant overflight rights to Israeli fighters sent to attack Shiite Iran. Many consequences from this incident may unfold. Sunni Arab nations may discover that they have more in common with the Israelis than they had previously thought. It was also recently announced that NATO nations have decided to form a permanent naval task force to monitor merchant ships in the Gulf of Aden and the Arabian Sea (the approaches to the Suez Canal). I’ll bet that Chinese cargo on that Iranian ship had something to do with that NATO decision. This is all speculation…of course.

One thing is certain: China and Iran were caught red-handed in whatever was being planned with that toxic (radioactive?)Chinese cargo on that mysterious Iranian ship.,2933,443141,00.html