Those who donated to this website a few months ago have already seen these links, but I am posting these links on the website for all to now evaluate. There appears to be good evidence that a new type of Weapon of Mass Destruction was tested last December in the Arctic sky over northern Norway. It is called a HAARP weapon which is described in the first link as a type of focused electromagnetic energy weapon or a “scaler wave interferometric” weapon. This HAARP weapon is also sometimes called a “Project Blue Beam” weapon which is an exceptionally cutting-edge weapons technology.

Just after this HAARP beam was tested or used last December, the Northern Hemisphere experienced an unprecedented cold wave. Every winter sees pockets of Arctic cold air masses head southward across the continents, but last winter Arctic cold waves spread southward simultaneously across all northern continents. The “global warming” conference in Copenhagen was almost frozen out as Europe experienced record cold and snow. In China they were digging trains out of snowdrifts. North American had one of its coldest winters in recent history (our winter was brutal where I live in South Dakota). With some reluctance, I am including the third link which was sent to me by a European reader of this website. It is a website article by a Russian mystic who claims insider information inside the Russian government. If you scroll past the rather bizarre opening story-links, you will find the article about the HAARP weapon used over Norway. I include it because it cites a Russian report that indicates the HAARP test resulted in a “catastrophic puncturing” of the upper levels of earth’s atmosphere, allowing tremendous cold from the upper reaches of the atmosphere to penetrate downward into the lower atmosphere. If this report is true, it would explain the origin of so much cold weather suddenly spreading out all over the Northern Hemisphere from the Arctic region where the HAARP weapon was tested (or used).

The official reports from various establishment media sites was that these bizarre lights over Northern Norway were caused by a out-of-control Russian rocket. I think that possibility is sheer nonsense. An out-of-control rocket does not produce precise geometric “spiral galaxy” shapes which transition into a mini “Black Hole” image. It also does not create a linear blue beam with a geometric pattern imbedded inside the beam. The second link below includes a variety of You Tube videos which were recorded “live” by observers during the event itself. These video links were sent to me by a Norwegian reader of this website. Some of these video clips are of excellent quality and some are rather fuzzy.

It is clear to me that mankind’s cutting-edge scientists are dabbling in elemental forces of the Universe that they little understand or appreciate.  Hebrews 11:3 states that “things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.” This scripture confirms that our Universe of matter was made by elements or forces which are not visible to the human eye. This scripture reveals scientific knowledge millennia ahead of its time. It confirms that the writer of Hebrews knew that our physical world of matter was composed of things so small that they are invisible to our eyes when God first created it (Genesis 1). Our Universe of physical matter is basically nothing more than compressed energy. Scientists and weapons experts are trying to probe the quantum forces out of which our Newtonian universe was assembled by our Creator Elohim. In doing do, they risk unleashing forces and energies they do not comprehend. I recall reading many years ago that when the Manhattan Project scientists were assembling the world’s first nuclear weapons, they were concerned about whether the chain reaction would be self-limiting or whether it would feed on itself and consume all matter. They concluded, correctly, that the chain reaction would be self-limiting. However, it does not necessarily follow that once quantum reactions are released that they will also be self-limiting. We simply don’t understand the dangers of tampering with the invisible elemental forces of Creation that God assembled together when he “made the heaven and the earth”  (Genesis 1:1).

This has a possible prophetic connection. Maybe a very important one! Matthew 24: 21-22 prophesies that a time of global extinction will suddenly face the earth at the very end of our age, and the Bible promises us that Jesus Christ/Yahshua will return to prevent an outcome where “no flesh [would] be saved.” Verse 22 prophesies that Jesus Christ’s return to prevent global extinction will require that prophetic “days be shortened.” It does not tell us how many “days” (plural) will have to lopped off the prophesied biblical timetables when Jesus Christ has to come sooner than prophetic timetables would indicate is likely. There are a number of biblical timetables that apply to latter-day fulfillments. Daniel 12:11-12 mention cryptic 1290 and 1335 day time periods in the latter days. Revelation 11:3 prophesies a 1260 day time period for the ministry of the Two Witnesses (see article by that name at my Articles link at this website for an in-depth examination of their ministry). Revelation 13:5 prophesies a 42 month reign for the Beast system before it is overthrown by Jesus Christ’s return (Revelation 19:11-21). Since Matthew 24:22 already prophecies that latter-day prophetic periods of “days” will be shortened and will not run their full course, how many “days” might these prophetic timetables have to be shortened? We are not told, and I think God has left himself much leeway in this scripture. He can cause Jesus Christ’s return to occur seven days or a hundred days or a thousand days earlier than planned by the timetables. The key threat that will trigger Jesus Christ’s return prior to the intended time is the imminent extinction of all flesh. We have long thought that nuclear war or some other global catastrophe could trigger Jesus’ premature intervention to fulfill Matthew 24:22’s prophecy that he will do so. However, the HAARP weapons and experiments offer one more possibility for triggering Christ’s return. If mankind’s HAARP experiments unknowingly stumble into elemental forces of quantum-matter boundaries which could unleash a cascading reaction that would threaten all life on earth, Jesus Christ may have to return a lot earlier than any of his followers think possible. Maybe Christ will return a lot sooner than we think…and that is a comforting thought. After all, Matthew 25:1-13’s parable predicts this very outcome. In that parable of the ten virgins (depicting believers in the latter days), Jesus Christ warns his latter-day followers that his return would occur so much earlier than expected that all believers will be surprised. Maybe the mad scientists behind the HAARP and/or other quantum experiments will trigger a global catastrophe which will fulfill both Matthew 24:22 and Matthew 25:1-13. If so, more power to them! Their bungling and reckless lack of respect for the elemental forces holding together God’s physical creation might trigger a very early return of our Lord. That would be a welcome outcome indeed!

We are entering a time when the latter days will offer a variety of surprises to a world not ready for them. If you wish to read about biblical prophecies about the latter days, I refer you to my article, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days?, also available at my website. That article also includes a discussion of the role that might be played by mankind dabbling with barely-understood quantum energies in a a way which could be very harmful for mankind.