Steven Collins
February 12, 2008
There is no let-up in the bellicose activities of Russia and China toward the USA and the western nations. It was previously reported that Russia was sending strategic bombers close to British, Norwegian, French and Spanish coasts. These are all NATO/EU nations. FOX News reported on February 9, 2008 that a Russian bomber “…violated Japanese airspace over an uninhabited island just south of Tokyo.” The news story noted the Japanese Air Force scrambled 22 fighter jets to intercept the invasive Russian bomber. It would be hard to call the aggressive Russian action an accident. The bomber flew very close to the Japanese capital of Tokyo (see first link below).
An even more warlike action by Russian bombers took place last weekend. According to a February 11, 2008 FOX News story: “two Russian bombers [flew] unusually close to an American aircraft carrier in the western Pacific.” According to Fox News (see second link below), one Russian bomber twice buzzed the USS Nimitz at an altitude of only 2,000 feet while another Russian bomber hovered 50 miles away. US Navy jets intercepted the Russian bombers, which were from the same flight of Russian bombers which sent one of their planes almost to Tokyo.
According to the World Tribune, Chinese hackers have already penetrated US databases. The story (see third link below) asserts that “Chinese computer hackers have conducted an aggressive, non-stop campaign to penetrate key government and industry data bases in the United States.” Notice the words “aggressive” and “non stop.”  This is not a mere probing effort by Communist China. It is a “non stop” effort to hack into data bases critical to US security. Why isn’t this recognized as an act of war by US leaders? China is obviously seeking to learn how to steal or destroy American infrastructure and technology. This is exactly what one would expect an enemy nation to do if it was preparing for war. Ezekiel 38 foretells Russia and China will be the enemies of the western nations of the modern house of Israel in the latter days, and that they will attack and invade the western nations at the climax of our age. China is doing exactly what one would expect of a nation preparing to attack another nation.
Russian bombers are likely being sent on probing missions to determine if the western nations have any backbone left or if they are already ripe for attack. If the USA was sending B-52 bomber missions up to (or just over) the borders of Russia, China and its allies and our military planes were buzzing Russian and Chinese warships on the open seas, everyone would be complaining about the warlike provocativeness of such actions. However, Russia does these things and the world reaction is…silence. The US government and US media barely say anything at all about the reversion of Russia to warlike Cold War tactics, because western leaders are still in denial. If these Russian actions were taking place when President Reagan was President, the USA would be responding with warlike actions of its own to answer the Russian provocations. Today the US government reaction is flaccid, indeed. However, Reagan would never have been dumb enough to lay off half the military (like President Clinton did). Neither would he have worn it out in two Asian wars (like President Bush is still doing). Reagan also would never have been dumb enough to allow the relocation of key US production facilities to Communist China (like modern US multi-nationals have done).
The International Herald Tribune reported on February 7, 2008 that China is “rapidly expanding [its] fleet of nuclear and conventional submarines,” and “is investing heavily in so-called area-denial weapons without explaining why it needs them.” The story (see fourth link below) also notes that “by the end of the decade…China will have more submarines than the United States.” Someone really ought to inform the appeasers in the American leadership ranks that China is pursuing area-denial weapons for the same reason that it is conducting “non-stop” computer warfare against the US Government data bases. Communist China is preparing rapidly to position itself to join Russia’s military forces in a combined assault against the USA and the entire western world. Although Ezekiel 38 prophesies this event quite openly, even secular military analysts should be able to understand this fact, given the warlike actions of Russia and China. However, the western nations seem fast asleep to the growing dangers of Russia and China.
Communist China also intends to display its power and might at the 2008 Summer Olympics. The totalitarian nature of China is already evident. The final link below, from, reports that the British Olympic Association revealed that all British athletes will be compelled to sign a statement that they will not criticize the Communist government of China during the Olympics. Athletes from Belgium and New Zealand are also being compelled to restrict their free speech as well at the Chinese Olympics. Violators will be removed from China. So much for Chinese tolerance. The link also reports that Christians will come under heightened scrutiny by China during the Olympic games.
The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games could be a modern parallel to the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games. In 1936, Hitler and the Nazis who were rapidly rearming Germany, and they wanted to feature the superiority of the “Aryan Race” in the Olympics. World War II started three years later when Germany used its new military power to attack the rest of Europe. In 2008, the Communist Chinese, who are rapidly building up the Chinese military, seek to showcase Chinese ascendancy in the Beijing Olympics. Will World War III start three years after the 2008 Beijing Olympics? Let’s hope it won’t happen that soon. However, Ezekiel 38 warns that an attack by Russia, China and their allies is an absolute certainty. The only question is what extent the western nations will wake up and prepare for the onslaught. Current trends are not encouraging.,3566,330173,00.html,3566,330362,00.html